Manage my AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account

Online access to your account with My portfolio

Managing your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account and staying up-to-date with your investments couldn't be easier with My portfolio. With My portfolio you'll be able to:

  • track your investments
  • update some of your personal details
  • switch investment funds
  • in certain situations, change a direct debit.

Keep up-to-date by email

To receive communications regarding your account via email, all we need is your email address. It's quick and easy to do. Simply log into My portfolio or contact us.

Switch investment funds

You have a choice of several investment funds with the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme, so you can prepare for the future the way you want to. If you're looking to switch investment funds, unless you choose to invest in the Lifesteps investment programme, it's important to first determine what your risk profile is. This is based on your current life stage and comfort level for taking risk. Use our investment risk calculator to determine your risk profile and help you make the right choice.

To switch your investment options, log into My portfolio or complete a Changing your investment options form.

Tracking and changing your contributions

You can track contributions coming into your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account through My portfolio. Bear in mind, there can be a delay between when Inland Revenue (IRD) receives the contributions for you and when they are passed to AMP. So your online balance may not reflect all the contributions made. The IRD will pay interest on any contributions held temporarily. You can check the contributions the IRD have received by using the online service, "My KiwiSaver", at

Did you know?

It's easy to make regular or one-off contributions to your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account if you're self-employed or not working. If you're employed, you can make additional contributions to those deducted from your Salary or Wages.

Find out how you can change your contributions.

Making a withdrawal

Once you join a KiwiSaver scheme your savings are generally locked-in until you reach the age of eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation (currently age 65), or for 5 years of membership if you join after age 60. Find out more about withdrawing your money for your retirement here.

However, you may be able to access your savings in certain other circumstances:

  • You may be able to make a withdrawal to purchase your first home.
  • You may be able to make a withdrawal if you're permanently emigrating or are going through significant financial hardship.

AMP Services (NZ) Limited ('AMP Services') is the issuer and manager of the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme (the 'Scheme'). The Trustee of the Scheme is The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited (the 'Trustee'). While care has been taken to supply information on this website that is accurate, none of AMP Services, the Trustee, the underlying fund managers, any of their related companies, their directors, the Crown or any other person guarantees the Scheme, any investment in the Scheme, or any returns on an investment in the Scheme, or gives any warranty of reliability or accuracy, or accepts any responsibility arising in any way including from any error or omission. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and is not guaranteed by any party. Returns over different periods may differ.

For a copy of the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme Investment Statement, please click here or alternatively contact Customer Services on 0800 808 267.

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