AMP’s Blair Vernon is on a mission to help Kiwis get more from money so they can get more from life

19 September 2018

Motivated by our nation’s low level of financial literacy and an increase in poor financial outcomes for many New Zealanders, AMP’s Managing Director, Blair Vernon, is on a mission to empower Kiwis to get more from their money so they can get more from life.

In a series of short video clips released today on social media, Blair provides insights and tips on topics ranging from budgeting and goal setting to understanding how relationships can influence spending and how to get your retirement sorted. Each video includes practical ways to take control of your financial future, no matter your current situation – the ideas are easy, quick, and most of them don’t cost a cent.

"The gap between the quality of life that many New Zealanders want and deserve and the one they have or can afford is growing, particularly in retirement where many can only manage to afford the absolute basics. That’s not the New Zealand we want," says Blair.

"Many of us spend our lives feeling guilty about the poor financial decisions we’ve made, but I think instead we need to be optimistic about what we can achieve. It’s about putting the past behind us and having the courage to take simple actions that can set us up for a more aspirational future."

Here’s why we need to take action – some of the statistics tell the story: 

  • In the past five years there's been a 50% increase in the number of hardship grants handed out to over-65s. Given we’re living longer and spending more time in retirement, that’s a major concern.
  • About 80% of Kiwis don’t protect their most valuable asset – their income. That can have serious consequences if like many New Zealanders you’re unable to work for a period of time due to an illness or injury.
  • More than half of New Zealanders don’t have a Will, so their hard money might not go where they want it to.

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Blair also wants Kiwi’s to talk more openly about money. "Money shouldn't be a taboo subject. It’s important to talk openly about your financial situation in order to get support and make changes so you can achieve your goals and realise the benefits of working hard. It also makes you feel good and gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re making progress and you’ve got all the important things covered."

Video topics are: 

With sharing in mind, each video has been designed with mobile users in mind and run between 30-60 seconds. There are links to further information including a financial calendar to help Kiwis keep on top of their financial decisions through the year.

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2 A 2012 survey by the Financial Services Council estimated that only 57 per cent of Kiwis have life insurance and even less, around 20 per cent, have income protection insurance