Iconic AMP Scholarships programme marks 20 years of helping kiwis reach their dreams

02 July 2018

Applications for 2018 now open. Will close Monday 13 August

Athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs and community volunteers… whoever you are, wherever you are, AMP wants to help you realise your dreams.

To celebrate AMP Scholarship’s 20-year anniversary, AMP has begun its search for Kiwis from all around New Zealand equipped with a dream and a can-do attitude.

With $2.4 million awarded to Kiwis all around New Zealand since 1998, the company are strong advocates of everyday Kiwis who carry a passion and are backed up by work ethic and an indomitable will to succeed.

With more than 50,000 applications received and 300 Kiwis awarded to date, the programme’s influential alumni include high achievers like Jasmine Jenke, author and Humans of South Auckland social media project founder, Lisa Argilla, founder of the wildlife hospital that treats pinguins based in Dunedin and Frances Lloyd, the young martial artist who went on to become a junior world champion.

This year, AMP is giving away up to $200,000 to help more talented New Zealanders of all ages and from all walks of life with the courage to pursue their dreams. Whether it’s starting their own business, pursuing their sporting passion or giving back to the community, AMP wants to know about it.

AMP Financial Services Managing Director Blair Vernon says AMP Scholarship’s 20-year anniversary tells a story of a partnership to bring to life some of the most thought-provoking aspirations the country has seen.

“AMP is driven by the desire to foster greatness in everyday Kiwis who have a dream and the ambition and commitment to follow it through. It has brought us immense pleasure and pride to see Kiwis from all walks of life celebrated by helping them reach their potential.

“Ultimately AMP Scholarships is the story of ordinary Kiwis achieving extraordinary things – from encouraging senior citizens to rediscover their passions, supporting researchers to find ways to improve people’s lives, getting behind athletes who want to test their limits against the best in the world, or giving performing artists the chance to share their gift on an international stage.

“We encourage anyone with a dream, small or big, to have the courage to take the next step in their journey by applying for an AMP Scholarship today.”

Applications are open today, Monday 2 July. 

For further information please contact

027 406 2048