AMP leads conversation about New Zealanders’ financial wellbeing

17 June 2019

New Zealanders find out about money matters in different ways. Insights from AMP’s recent survey of more than 7,000 clients reveal that:

  • a third of us (31%) turn to family and friends for financial recommendations
  • 18 percent search Google for answers
  • 18 percent use the services of an adviser or broker
  • 11 percent use financial planning websites
  • 10 percent keep an eye on use news articles.

However you find out about money matters, AMP believes every Kiwi can take action today to get more from their money so they can get more from life.

“There’s one small thing that’s holding many of us back, and that’s not having a plan. We all have dreams but planning and goals help turn those dreams into reality. Many of us are held back by guilt from poor financial decisions but it’s never too late to get started on a plan for the future,” says Blair Vernon, Chief Executive AMP Wealth Management.

“We believe everyone has the opportunity to achieve their goals – whether that’s owning a home, living comfortably after we stop working or making the most of the opportunities we have today. We followed some of New Zealanders’ conversations online to produce a series of free videos which include practical ways to take control of your financial future, no matter your current situation – the tips are easy, quick, and most of them don’t cost a cent.

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Blair says AMP’s client insight-led, aspirational vignettes focus on:

Am I too late for KiwiSaver?

“It’s never too late to enrol, and to begin to accrue the savings benefits of your own, your employer’s and what is effectively ‘free money’ from the Government. Every year you’re not in KiwiSaver, you’re potentially missing out.”

Is buying a home worth it?

“Yes! But not for the reasons most people think. It’s not an investment in capital returns. It’s about providing certainty of shelter and security for you and your loved ones.

“If you set realistic goals, and stick to a plan, you can buy a home. And thinking laterally about things like the size of the property, the city and the suburb you’ll live in can help you get into your home even faster.”

What’s the best part of being a millennial?

“Millennials often think Baby Boomers had it easy, for example it was cheaper and easier to buy a home and house price increases created a lot wealth for them. 

“But in reality, Baby Boomers had fewer career options and didn’t have the benefit of today’s insights into health and wellbeing. Millennials have a unique opportunity to take control of their future and live a fulfilled and happy life.”

It’s easy to view Blair’s videos on KiwiSaver, buying a home, and why it’s great to be a millennial – go to

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