AMP Investment Trust

Unit prices

Unit prices effective as at 12/11/2018

AMP Investment Trust

Multi Sector Funds
Aggressive Portfolio 2.03229
Balanced Portfolio 1.99476
Growth Portfolio 1.93600
Moderate Portfolio 1.89076
Select Balanced 1.81431
Select Conservative 1.77472
Select Growth 1.78703
eInvest - Aggressive 1.43582
eInvest - Balanced 1.32350
eInvest - Conservative 1.21482
eInvest - Growth 1.40466
eInvest - Moderate 1.26821
Single Sector Funds
AMPCI Global Fixed Interest 1.79466
AMPCI Global Shares 1.43828
AMPCI Global Shares Index 2.02031
AMPCI Global Shares Index Hedged 2.43079
AMPCI NZ Shares 2.90761
AMPCI NZ Shares Index 2.25633
Australasian Shares - Multi Manager 3.15377
Emerging Markets 1.39274
Fixed Interest Income 1.22792
Global Bonds - Multi Manager 1.94917
Global Equities - Multi Manager 1.26562
Global Infrastructure 2.72731
Global Property 3.29939
NZ Bond 1.24058
NZ Cash 1.13215
NZ Fixed Interest 1.79371
Select Cash 1.35546
Select Income 1.67501

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The value of your investment will go up or down depending on the unit prices of the investment options in which you are invested. Changes in the unit prices reflect changes in the market values of the assets of the investment options, which are generally valued daily.

The unit prices listed are the prices at which members would sell units, on the date specified. Under normal circumstances they are updated every business day.

Underlying assets of some of the investment funds comprised in the AMP Invetment Trust (AIT) will rise and fall in value and returns will (with exceptions) from time to time be negative. Depending on the particular investment fund and the length of time for which an investor has invested, it is possible that an investor may receive less than the initial investment on withdrawal.

Unit prices displayed are after management fees but before PIE tax. This method is based on the PIE (Portfolio Investment Entity) tax regime where by individual investors will have tax paid on their behalf at their Prescribed Investor rate (PIR).

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, however no entity or person guarantees the AIT, any investment in the AIT or any returns on any investment in the AIT or gives any warranty of reliability, or accuracy, nor accepts any responsibility arising in any other way from any errors or omissions.

AMP Wealth Management New Zealand Limited is the issuer and manager of the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme (the 'Scheme'). The Supervisor of the Scheme is The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited (NZGT). AMP Wealth Management New Zealand Limited is the Trustee of the New Zealand Retirement Trust (NZRT). AMP Wealth Management New Zealand Limited is the manager of the AMP Investment Trust (AIT). The Supervisor of AIT is The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited.

Download a copy of the AIT Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

Updated investor information required in respect of the AIT can be accessed on the forms, documents and downloads page.

A disclosure statement is available from your Adviser, on request and free of charge.