It's amazing what a little help can do

Here at AMP, we're committed to providing a little help, so Kiwis can get started, get where they want to go and enjoy the retirement they want. Read our Help Report to discover some of the ways we provided a little help to our stakeholders in 2019, including a summary of our financial results.

At the heart of everything we do are our values:


We believe life is for living well. We are committed to helping our people and communities live meaningful lives.


We help our clients by providing sustainable plans for their future, and we invest in organisations and activities that focus on sustainability for future generations.


We believe all New Zealanders deserve to have a level of aspiration in life. It's their aspiration and our job to help them achieve it.

We welcome your feedback and ideas on what has been achieved and what more we can do as we look to the future with optimism.