AMP KiwiSaver Scheme

Withdrawal Processing Delays due to IRD system outage

Inland Revenue are implementing Stage 3 of their business transformation which includes improvements to their online services. For these changes to be released all of Inland Revenues customer facing services will be down from Thursday 18 April to Friday 26 April.

During this outage Inland Revenue won’t be sending any messages to or receiving any messages from KiwiSaver scheme providers.

What does this mean for you?

For most AMP KiwiSaver Scheme members there will be no impact due to this system outage.

We will still be processing new members, voluntary contributions made directly to AMP and partial withdrawals during the outage.

However, we will be unable to process full withdrawals during the outage due to us needing verification from Inland Revenue on any Government Contributions (member tax credits) received.

We will also not receive any contributions through from Inland Revenue during this time and will receive these once the systems are back up on Monday 29 April.

Full withdrawal options

There are two options for members wishing to make a full withdrawal during the outage:

  1. Members can choose to wait and receive their full withdrawal once the systems are back up on Monday 29 April.
  2. Members can make a partial withdrawal of all funds apart from any Government contributions (previously known as member tax credits) received during the shutdown and we can process the withdrawal of the remaining funds once the systems are back up.