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Have a play with your retirement number
with the projections tool in our mobile app.

Here’s the smart way to plan for your retirement

Little changes that you make today can have a big impact on your retirement.
With our new smart retirement calculator in My AMP, you can see what your retirement might look like.

We’ve put all your current information in already, so it’s super-easy to have a play – try different fund types or contributions without committing to a change.  

To get set up:

1.       Download MyAMP from the App Store or Google Play.

2.       Log in using your existing My AMP username and password. If you’re new to My AMP you can register in the app.

3.       Your current projected balance will already be pre-loaded once you’re logged in.
Note: your personalised projections will only be calculated if you’ve been a KiwiSaver or NZRT member for 12 months.
This is to ensure we have enough data to calculate a better projection of your retirement income.

4.      Go to Projections - and start playing!

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Start playing with different variables without committing to a change:

See how different selections affect your savings:

See your projected investment performance:

1.      Explore different fund types and learn how different selections can impact your projected retirement number.

2.      Look at different variables you can adjust to maximise your savings. This includes:
·        Increasing your contributions
·        Adding NZ Super
·        Choosing to retire later

3.      You can also create a savings plan for a first home withdrawal.

4.      If you decide to make changes to your investments, click on the ‘Change funds’ or ‘Top up’ button at bottom of the screen.

        So give it a go! It’s super easy to use.

Important information

To see a personalised projected balance in the KiwiSaver statement or My AMP mobile app, a customer needs to meet the three following criteria:
• Be between 18 and 65 years old, and
• Have been an AMP KiwiSaver Scheme member for more than 12 months, and
• Have a projected balance that is more than $1000