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A better way to manage your money life.

BetterMoney by AMP is the total money management tool that can help anyone
manage their money life.

Get better budgeting, spending, bills and retirement planning, all in one place, with one complete view across all your finances.

What could be better for your money than that?

Plus the platform is exclusive and FREE for MyAMP NZ customers!


See all your accounts in one secure place!
We connect to your bank regularly to give an up-to-date view, and all transactions get automatically categorised – which means no more data entry and spreadsheets.
Spot your personal patterns and get them under control!
BetterMoney breaks your spend down into categories, and the easy-to-follow charts show a clear picture of where you’re spending.
A comprehensive budgeting tool – at zero cost!
It’s super-easy to set up and track against targets, and it’ll help you to build great budgeting and money management skills.
Get a current picture of your net worth!
View your assets and liabilities in one place, including bank accounts, investments, KiwiSaver, properties, credit cards, loans, mortgages and more.

And don’t worry, everything is completely safe and secure.

Being backed by Yodlee, a global leader in banking technology, means BetterMoney has bank-level security, encryption, risk compliance and privacy. Your money can’t be accessed or transferred from BetterMoney, not even by you.

See how easy BetterMoney is to use.

What AMP customers are saying.

Very good how easy it is to add all of my accounts and have a view of everything.

- Nicole
Very easy to use program, and very useful. Makes it MUCH easier to see how I spend my money.

- Y. Flinte
It provides a great consolidated picture.

- G. Bridges