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16 August 2016

Why full disclosure is the only sensible strategy

In this video, AMP business insurance expert Rob Dibley talks about the importance of telling your insurance Adviser everything about your business. Full and friendly disclosure is the only true path to identifying the appropriate types and levels of liability cover.

Getting good advice on your liability insurance needs is fast becoming the key component of any insurance programme you purchase as a business owner. Having a good understanding of the liability options and the business risks these insurances can help you manage is vital.

Missing a liability area of your business in the insurance risk management solution you adopt, can be disastrous. This is because NZ is becoming an increasingly litigious society with ever increasing amounts being spent in legal defence and awards to successful claimants.

By taking a deep dive through your supply chain, customer obligations, employee base and contractual arrangements, an Adviser can assemble a liability insurance proposal that covers all your risks.

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