Professional indemnity insurance for advice givers

11 August 2016

Do you need professional indemnity insurance?

If you’re a knowledge worker who regularly gives advice to clients, what happens if you get it wrong? While New Zealand used to be a country where ‘getting sued’ was a rare occurrence, our business world is increasingly litigious. And lawsuits can be expensive, especially if you lose.

In this video, AMP business insurance expert Rob Dibley discusses professional indemnity insurance, which is primarily for business consultants, IT developers, accountants, lawyers, web companies and other professionals who provide specialist advice.

Insurers have specialised people handling liability claims, including specialist legal teams behind the scenes. If the claim is complex, insurers can consult specialist legal minds to evaluate your position.

During a claim your insurer will handle things on your behalf – you need to cooperate, but you can get on with managing your business.

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