Transferring overseas funds

How to safely transfer your savings to or from New Zealand

If you’ve moved, or are moving to New Zealand and want to bring your retirement savings with you, there is an option to transfer your funds into your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account.

Bringing your retirement savings together into one account gives you a full picture of your savings.
One account is easier to manage, you’ll have more visibility and control, and you could save on paying fees to multiple providers.

Transferring funds from Australia to NZ

The Australian and New Zealand governments have an agreement in place that allows KiwiSaver savings and compulsory Australian pension savings to be transferred across the Tasman.

The arrangement allows those with retirement savings in both Australia and New Zealand to consolidate savings in one account, in their country of residence.

You might be eligible to transfer savings from an Australian superannuation scheme to your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account if you:

- have been living and working in Australia and decide to return to live in New Zealand permanently, or
- are an Australian who has permanently emigrated to New Zealand.

Why transfer your savings to NZ?

While you're able to hold multiple superannuation accounts in Australia, managing your savings from abroad can be difficult. By transferring your savings to your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account, you'll be consolidating all your retirement savings in the one place, making it much easier for you to look after.

Tax implications

There are differences between Australian and New Zealand tax rules that you may want to consider before making the decision to transfer your superannuation savings across the ditch.

We recommend you seek independent professional tax advice if you're unsure about your tax situation.

Don't know where your savings are?

If your superannuation is in Australia, you can search for your superannuation savings by going to the Australian Tax Office website and using the online tool ‘SuperSeeker’.

For help making a transfer, book an appointment with one of our advisers.

Transferring your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme savings out of NZ

For AMP KiwiSaver Scheme members who permanently emigrate to Australia, you may be able to transfer your KiwiSaver savings to a complying Australian superannuation fund.

For help making a transfer, contact your Adviser or call us on 0800-267 549.

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