Value of financial advice

How advice can help you plan for tomorrow


When it comes to financial advice, it pays to get it right. Seeking financial advice is a great way to keep on top of your KiwiSaver savings plan, particularly if you are thinking about changing providers. For most people the best way to sort their finances is by using a financial Adviser. An Adviser can help you long term, not just today or tomorrow.

Why using an Adviser is valuable

There’s no substitute for getting advice that’s tailored exactly to your own business needs and goals. You could consider using an Adviser if:

  • you’re time-poor and can’t devote time to looking after your business’ finances
  • you need advice on insurance or employee benefit schemes
  • you’d like to help protect your business against the serious illness, injury or death of you or a key person.

How an Adviser can help

An Adviser can help and add value in many ways, including:

  • helping to financially protect your business’ future
  • recommending the right products for your business needs
  • helping you identify your business priorities
  • balancing your risks
  • talking you through your different options.