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Investing: what I can do

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Market ups and downs

It can be unsettling when you see your investment balance point downwards.

When this happens, it’s natural to be tempted to make changes to your investment account, but that’s not always the best idea.

It’s important to remember that financial market movements, up and down, are common and downturns don’t last forever. Investments like the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme are long-term investments for most people and might not be allowed to be withdrawn for years.

Learn more about market volatility here.

Make a plan

Saving for retirement - it seems we all know we should do it, but why does it seem so difficult to do?

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Understanding Risk vs Investment


Investment and risk - you've heard the terms, but what do they mean?

Here at AMP, we have a wide range of investment options giving you flexibility and the ability to choose the right investment option for you.

KiwiSaver - the basics

Saving for retirement: we all know we should do it and the earlier the better, but it can feel almost impossible! That's where KiwiSaver comes in.

It's designed to make it easy to save and grow your savings too. Here's how it works.

Saving to buy your first home?


An overview of your options when you're saving to buy your first home and how KiwiSaver can help.

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