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Protect the ones you love

Make sure the most important people in your life are always financially safe
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Future-proof your finances

With no crystal ball, it’s hard to know what the future holds. Whatever happens, your loved ones can be financially secure by taking a few simple steps. From setting up insurance to getting your kids into KiwiSaver, ensure your loved ones’ financial futures.

How insurance protects your loved ones

If the unexpected happens and you have financial responsibilities, like a partner, children or other dependents, you’ll want to make sure that they’re financially secure. 

For example, if you own a home with your partner and your income is needed to meet the loan repayments, could your partner cope with the mortgage repayments on their own?

Or if you have dependents - which could include parents and children - their ongoing care, education and costs all need to continue to be met in the future.

This is where life insurance comes in to safeguard your loved ones’ futures by covering these financial burdens.

Set up a life insurance safety net

Life insurance is the only insurance you don't buy to protect yourself - you buy it to take care of those you love and those who depend on you.

When considering life insurance think about:

  • Who would suffer serious financial struggle or loss if you die.
  • How the lives of your partner, children, elderly parents, disabled relative or business partner would be affected.-

It’s really simple to protect your loved ones and make sure they lead the financially hassle-free lives you want.
If you die, life insurance could pay out a lump sum so that those most important to you would be financially safe and secure.

Get your kids into KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver - a long-term savings initiative designed to help you plan for retirement - may not seem that relevant to the scraped knees and carefree days of childhood.

But by getting your kids into KiwiSaver (you can open an account from age 0), you’re giving them more options in the future. Whether that’s getting them into good saving habits early, building a savings pot, or helping them to buy their first home, KiwiSaver is great for kiwi kids.

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