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Secure my family’s future

Keep your loved ones financially safe, even if you’re not around

Never stop protecting what matters most

Protecting your family, even when you’re not around, is achievable, thanks to a bit of planning. Ensure your assets go where you want them to by making a will, safeguard their futures with insurance, and learn the value of good advice.

Ensure their financial futures

You work hard to make sure you and your family have an enjoyable and secure lifestyle. Illness, disability and death will all have a significant impact on your ability to continue to provide. Although no one likes to think of these things, neither do you want to leave your family unprotected. Personal insurance (life insurance, income protection, trauma cover, disability cover and health insurance) doesn’t only protect you, it protects your loved ones too. It can help ensure your loved ones can continue to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to provide.

The benefits of life insurance

Investing in life insurance means whatever happens, your loved ones are financially supported. If you die, life insurance could pay out a lump sum so that those most important to you would be financially safe and secure. Use our ‘How much life insurance do I need’ calculator to see how much cover you may need. Life insurance is one of those things which is good to put in place early, while your health is at its best.

Choose your beneficiaries

Everyone, regardless of age, should have a will. It sets out how your money and assets, like property, should be dealt with after your death. Nominating beneficiaries in your will ensures that, after your death, your assets will go to the people you want them to. When choosing beneficiaries, it’s worth considering:

  • what you want to happen in the event something happens to one of your beneficiaries before you die
  • usually beneficiaries are your spouse, children or other loved ones
  • whether you’d like any of your assets to go to a trust or charity.

Remember to keep your beneficiaries up to date and in line with your personal circumstances.

How an Adviser can help

It’s a good idea to talk to an Adviser about your personal needs. They’ll bring the right knowledge, expertise and guidance to help you take care of your family in the most effective and useful way. Your Adviser will be able to create a financial plan for you, tailored to your own needs. This may include financial strategies and recommendations of products.


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