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Support my kids as they leave home

Help your children gain financial independence

Plan for your children’s independent financial future

Whether your kids aren’t quite flying the nest yet, or already have one foot out of the door, there are ways you can support them when they leave home. Ensure they’re protected wherever they go, and help them save for the future.

Share your wealth (of knowledge)

There’s plenty of advice you can share with your child when it comes to finances, especially budgeting. Your children are probably used to you being in the charge of the finances - paying the bills, buying food, and covering the rent or mortgage. Teaching them how to budget is the most important thing you can teach them before they leave home. Share your tips like:

  • making their money last in between pay cheques
  • how to keep electricity bills low
  • where you shop for the best deals
  • the importance of debt management
  • how to boost savings with compound interest
  • how to start their savings journey.

Sharing your financial wisdom will help your children learn great saving and budgeting habits, gain some financial independence, and help them make sound financial decisions.

Set them up for the future

As your children embark on the next stage in their lives, it’s a great opportunity to make sure they’re set for the future. If you haven’t already, consider a long-term savings scheme like KiwiSaver. By setting up KiwiSaver for your children, they’ll potentially benefit from government and employer contributions as they age and begin working.

A scheme like KiwiSaver allows your children to take control of their financial future.

Help with their first home

An additional benefit for your children if they have a KiwiSaver account is the money they can access to buy their first home.

Find out more about how this works.

Protect them wherever they go:

When your children leave home, it’s the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your insurance needs. Here’s why:

Your children will need their own general insurance

Most kids accumulate plenty of stuff - whether it’s their mobile devices, laptops or sports equipment - and it all takes money to replace. While your kids are generally covered under your contents insurance when living under your roof, it is an entirely different story once they have moved out.

Your children will need new health insurance

Children are covered on a family health insurance policy until age 21. If they are student dependents, this coverage continues until age 25. So if your children are no longer covered on your family policy, they need health insurance coverage of their own.

Your insurance costs will change

If your children no longer need to be covered by your insurance, it’s good news for your wallet: a couples or singles policy is cheaper than family coverage.

Whenever you achieve a life milestone, it’s a good idea to check your insurance cover still reflects your needs.

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The AMP KiwiSaver Scheme is award winning

An Adviser can help review your insurance

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