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A smoother road to retirement

How insurance can make all the difference

The journey to retirement can be a long one so why not try and make it as enjoyable as possible. With life being the adventure that it is, you’re bound to run into some bumps and obstacles and you may even experience some crashes along the way.

How do you make the road smoother? While you can’t avoid those bumps and obstacles, you can equip yourself with some tools to protect you and help get you back on track. A great tool to have in your belt is insurance as you can protect yourself and what you have.

How much cover is enough?

When it comes to insurance, the level and type of cover you need depends entirely on your personal circumstances and what you are wanting to protect.

Your age, your earnings, the amount you owe and how many people you have relying on you play an important role in figuring out how much cover you need.

How an Adviser can help you

An Adviser can help you by:

  • Identifying your priorities - your Adviser will consider your lifestyle, business needs, dependants, debts, occupation, income and health.
  • Balancing your risks - when the major risks have been identified, your Adviser will recommend the most suitable insurance cover.
  • Staying within your budget - insurance cover won’t help you if it makes your day-to-day finances too tight for comfort. There are various strategies an experienced Adviser can suggest to reduce your premiums.
  • Offering options - with any type of cover, there are options to consider. Your Adviser can talk you through all the possibilities.
  • Keeping in touch - if and when the time comes to make a claim, you can call your Adviser for help. Their knowledge and advice can make all the difference at a stressful time.

The value of good advice when it comes to insurance

Buying insurance is easy, anyone can do it. But getting the right insurance for your needs, keeping your cover relevant as time goes by, and getting face‑to-face local support when the unexpected happens – that’s what really makes the difference.

Just as you are unique, your protection needs to be unique too. It needs to be purpose‑built to address the risk areas that most affect you. Working with an Adviser is the best way to get the right cover for you.

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