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What can I insure

You may hear a lot about people insuring their home or getting life insurance. These are common types of insurance, but you can also insure most of your belongings that are of value to you.

Whether it’s the big-ticket items such as your car or smaller things such as jewellery or your phone, these can all be insured against the risk of damage, theft or loss. This kind of insurance is commonly known as ‘general insurance’.

Deciding what to insure

When considering what you need insurance for you’ll need to weigh up the risks of not having the insurance against the costs of buying it.

If you can’t afford for something to happen to one or all of your belongings then you should seriously think about taking out insurance for them.

How much cover is enough?

The level of cover and the type that you need depend on your personal circumstances and what you are insuring.
When considering how much cover and what type you need ask yourself how hard it would be financially to fix or replace your valuables and things you depend on, if something happened to them.

The cost of insurance

The cost of your insurance will depend on many things such as where you live, what the values of your belongings are, your lifestyle and any existing security measures such as alarms. It will also be effected by whether there are any things that need special mention like jewellery, sports gear or medical equipment.

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