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Understanding general insurance

Getting to know the basics of general insurance

General insurance covers the range of insurance products that protect the things you own. If accidental damage, loss or theft occurs to your assets which you’ve insured, you’ll have financial security to get things sorted and back on track. 

General insurance includes products such as car and home insurance, and in simple terms excludes only life and business insurance.

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How general insurance works

Insurance works by taking out a policy for the things you want to protect - it could be for your car, your home, or all of your material possessions that you’ve worked so hard for. These policies are designed to protect you financially against certain risks and events.

Your insurance is outlined by the policy document which clearly states what you’re covered for and what situations are excluded. Remember to read and understand a policy document even before you buy a policy. 

If something does happen, which is covered in the insurance policy, you make a claim for the damage or loss. The insurance company will assess the loss and make payment on a valid claim.

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What kind of things can I cover?

At AMP, we split our general insurance into categories and you can get cover for most of the things that mean a lot to you. These include insurance for your:

  • home (including farm property)
  • contents
  • car
  • boat
  • travel

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How much cover is enough?

It’s a good idea to have insurance for the things that are valuable to you. The level of cover you need depends on the item you’re insuring.

Here are a few questions worth thinking about before you decide on the level of insurance that’s right for you.

  • If your home was totally destroyed because of a fire, storm or natural disaster, is the cover enough to pay for demolition, excavation and rebuild to the same likeness?
  • If your car was stolen or badly damaged in an accident and you and your family depended on it, could you afford to get a replacement?
  • If you accidentally damaged someone’s property or vehicle, would you be in position to pay for the damage or loss?

An Adviser can help you understand your options in more detail and tailor a policy to suit.

To make sure you have insurance that suits you it’s good to talk to an Adviser. They can help you with understanding the need for cover, share their expertise and experience and help you get the right cover at a competitive price. Advisers can give ongoing help on how to keep your cover relevant over time.

It’s nice to know that just as your life is unique, your protection can be purpose built to address the areas of risk that most affect you.

An AMP Adviser adds value by:

  • identifying your priorities
  • balancing your risks
  • offering options
  • sharing their expertise and experience.

They also help by keeping in touch – if the time comes to make a claim, you can call on your Adviser for help. Their knowledge and experience can make all the difference at a stressful time.

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