Making the big move

23 February 2018

Congratulations! Well done, you’ve made it onto the property ladder, owning your own piece of New Zealand, which is no easy feat these days.

It can often be a long journey to get into your first home. Now you’ve bought your own home, you may be looking forward to just enjoying your place and sharing it with friends and family.

Before the house warming celebrations can get underway, there’s one more task ahead – moving in! Moving day can be stressful but it doesn’t need to be. Have a read below to see if any of these tips could help you on moving day.

The big move – where to start?

It’s said moving house is up there with having a baby in terms of stressful life events. In order to be prepared, you might want to think about the following:

  • Packing. Make a list of your most fragile items. Glassware, mirrors, artworks and electronics are typically the objects most often damaged during a move so wrap and pack these most carefully;
  • Clearly label each box with its contents and which room it should go into;
  • Think about what items you will need to use first in your new home — these items should be loaded into the moving truck last (so they will be unloaded first). These items could include beds, bedding and things for the kitchen, like champagne glasses to celebrate;
  • Find a moving company. It’s best to book them as soon as you know the moving date. Ask work colleagues, friends and family for recommendations about which companies to use. If you’re handling the move yourself, make sure the truck or trailer is booked as early as possible;
  • In the days before the move, try to use up all the food in your fridge and freezer — give your freezer at least a day to defrost;
  • Update your address and redirect your mail;
  • Arrange final readings and new connections;
  • Check your insurance! Your possessions might already be covered for the move, but if not, look to boost your protection with our transit insurance;
  • Take photos of your old home – it’s always nice to have memories and capture the day. Taking photos of your possessions might help with any insurance claim too if anything gets damaged along the way;
  • Check smoke alarms, change the locks and learn where the mains services are;
  • Make sure when you move, you keep important documents like passports, insurance policies, jewellery and other valuable items with you and not on the moving truck;
  • It might be a good idea as well to give your four legged friends a nice day out at the kennel or cattery so they don’t get stressed by all the commotion. Moving is stressful for them too.

What is transit insurance?

Navigating the house buying process can feel like you are parting with your hard earned savings at every bend in the road. The last thing you want is to have to replace belongings that are broken or lost during the move.

Transit insurance covers damage or loss to your belongings during the packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, transport and storage of your belongings during the move to your new home. If there’s an unexpected accident, theft, fire or malicious damage to your items, they can be covered too.

How do I get transit insurance?

Contact your Adviser or Broker. Alternatively contact us at or call 0800 267 263


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