Preparing for life in your new home

23 February 2018

Congratulations — your hard work has paid off and you’re officially a homeowner! Suddenly all the hard work is worthwhile.

It’s a really exciting and busy time as you move into your home. There may be some adjustments you have to go through. Here’s a few to think about:

  • Budget - you may find it helpful to prepare a new budget so you can adjust to your mortgage repayments. You may also need to include other bills like rates, body corporate fees, utility bills, insurances or costs for renovations.
  • Your new neighbourhood – take some time to get familiar with what’s in your neighbourhood. Look into what facilities are in the area, sports clubs, and community groups. Even social media community pages can be a good way to get to know your area.
  • Settling in pets – keep them inside for a few days, slowly get them used to their new surroundings inside the house, and take them outside when you think they’re ready. Keep them close to things familiar to them, like their toys or bed.
  • Rubbish collection – contact your local council to see how rubbish collection works in your street. What sort of rubbish bins are needed, is there recycling available and on what days of the week?
  • Commute to work – investigate a couple of different routes to get to work. Work out how long it may take to get there. Are there any public transport options?
  • Insurances – you’ve worked hard for your home and all your possessions, so don’t forget about home and contents insurance to help ensure your things are protected. This is something we can help you with. Take a read below for more information. 

Why do I need to protect my home and possessions?

Your home and all your possessions will likely be the most valuable items you own. So ensuring that you are well protected is important to avoid being out of pocket if the unexpected happens.

By having home insurance, you can get cover for your home for things like accidental damage, natural disaster, fire, and cover for liability for you as a property owner and you can even get temporary accommodation if something happens that makes your home unliveable.

By having contents insurance to protect your possessions, you can get cover for things like accidental damage for when you leave the iron on by mistake, theft and major events like an earthquake, storm, fire or flood. Plus cover if you lose your stuff while out and about, not just at home.

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