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Protect the life you love with AMP Essentials

Life can be a bumpy road, but by having insurance in place you can help smooth the road for your family and help provide a buffer for many of those big potholes that may affect your savings or ability to earn.

We’ve developed AMP Essentials to help smooth out the bumps in the road you call life.

AMP Essentials includes 3 types of insurance

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AMP Essentials


AMP Essentials Plus

Help pay your bills

Temporary Disablement Cover

Temporary Disablement Cover If illness stops you from working, you could get a monthly amount to help pay the bills. You can use the money however you like. There is a 13 week wait period before payments begin and a maximum benefit period of two years.
$2,000 a month
for up to two years
$2,900 a month
for up to two years

Help recuperate or adjust

Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover If you were to get seriously sick (there’s a whole load of illnesses, injuries and medical procedures covered), you could get a lump sum to help with expenses, pay for healthcare or anything else you need.
$10,000 lump sum
pay out
$20,000 lump sum
pay out

Help your family when you’re gone

Life Cover

Life Cover If you were to die suddenly – and it happens - your estate could get a lump sum. This could help pay debts and bills or cover other expenses.
$100,000 lump sum
pay out
$200,000 lump sum
pay out

Premiums are set by age bands

Many life insurance premiums increase each year as you age. The premium payments you make for your AMP Essentials insurance are determined by age band and increase when you move into the next age band.

The above is a general description only.  A full description of your cover, including definitions, limits, exclusions and other circumstances where premiums can change, are set out in the Cover Terms.

Frequently asked questions

AMP Essentials is unique to AMP. It is a package that combines Temporary Disablement, Trauma and Life benefits to help protect you and your family’s financial security against the unexpected until you turn 65.

You can choose the level of cover that best suits you: either AMP Essentials or AMP Essentials Plus. Both of these offer you the same great benefits, with AMP Essentials Plus offering you a higher level of cover.

As with all insurances, you should consider whether the benefits and levels of cover offered by AMP Essentials are suitable for you.

For full terms and conditions, including definitions, limits and exclusions please refer to the AMP Essentials Cover Terms.

Please contact your Adviser or AMP if you have any questions about this product.

If you become Totally Disabled as a result of sickness while your AMP Essentials cover is in force, you may receive a monthly benefit for up to two years while you remain Totally Disabled.

There are two categories of Total Disablement:

In relation to your Usual Occupation, if:

  • you were engaged in remunerative work for 30 hours or more per week immediately prior to the sickness for which the claim is being made, and had been for at least the 3 consecutive months immediately prior to that sickness;
  • you are not capable, by reason solely of sickness, of performing your Usual Occupation for more than 10 hours per week;
  • you are not engaged in any other occupation or business; and
  • you are under the continuous direction and professional care of a medical practitioner.

Usual Occupation means the occupation that you were engaged in at the time the sickness occurred for which the claim is being made.

In relation to Activities of Daily Living, if you are unable to perform independently two or more of the Activities of Daily Living due to sickness.

The Activities of Daily Living are:

  • the ability to bathe or shower without assistance from another person;
  • the ability to dress and undress without assistance from another person;
  • the ability to use a toilet without assistance from another person;
  • the ability to get in and out of a bed or chair without assistance from another person; and
  • the ability to eat and drink without assistance from another person;

Benefits may also be available for Partial Disablement and for recurring Temporary Disablement.

If you receive, or are entitled to receive, other payments while you are Temporarily Disabled, including lump sums in relation to your sickness, income protection insurance payments, income, loss of earnings payments and sick leave, those payments may be offset against your Temporary Disablement Benefit.

If you have Income Protection insurance with AMP or another insurer you should consider how those benefits may be affected by your AMP Essentials cover (and vice versa). Please contact your Adviser or AMP if you have any questions about whether this product is suitable for you.

A qualifying period applies. This means that after you become Totally Disabled you must wait for a period of 13 weeks before you are entitled to receive a Total Disablement Benefit (or Partial Disablement Benefit). The qualifying period can be extended or re-started in certain circumstances.

While you are receiving a Total Disablement Benefit you do not have to pay your premium and cover will continue for you. You must start paying your premium again on the first premium payment date after the Total Disablement Benefit stops being paid.

If you suffer for the first time one of the following Traumas listed below, you could receive a lump sum payment under the Trauma benefit. Each of the Traumas is separately defined in the Cover Terms.

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias

Angioplasty Triple Vessel* Aplastic Anaemia

Benign Brain Tumour

Blindness Cancer*


Chronic Kidney Failure Chronic Liver Disease

Chronic Lung Disease

Coma Coronary Artery Surgery*

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Deafness Diplegia


Heart Attack* Heart Valve Surgery


Loss of Capacity for Independent Living Loss of limbs

Loss of limbs and/or sight

Loss of speech Major head injury

Major organ transplant

Medically acquired HIV Meningitis

Motor Neurone Disease

Multiple Sclerosis Muscular Dystrophy

Occupationally acquired HIV infection

Out of hospital cardiac arrest Paraplegia

Parkinson’s Disease

Pneumonectomy Primary pulmonary hypertension


Severe burns Stroke*

Surgery of the aorta


* These Traumas are subject to a 90 day no claims period. If you seek advice or treatment from a medical practitioner within 90 days of your cover start date for symptoms that are found to relate to any of these Traumas then no benefit is payable for that Trauma.

You can only receive the Trauma Benefit once and your premium will not reduce after the claim has been paid.

If you die while you are covered by AMP Essentials your estate could receive the lump sum Life Benefit.

AMP Essentials does not pay out the Life Benefit early (i.e. before death) if you are terminally ill.

The term 'medical specialist' refers to a registered medical practitioner who has completed advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine (their specialty area). For example oncologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist and any surgeon (non-exhaustive list). A medical specialist would not include, for example, your local GP, physiotherapist, optometrist or dentist.

'Treatment' does not include a one-off specialist consultation where no on-going medical issues were identified and no-ongoing treatment was recommended.

Medical Procedure refers to an operation or procedure performed with the intention of determining, measuring, diagnosing or treating sickness or injury.

You need to be an AMP KiwiSaver Scheme member in order to retain your AMP Essentials cover.

If you leave the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme your AMP Essentials cover will stop when your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme balance is transferred out in full.

An alternative to taking out AMP Essentials cover is to take out fully underwritten personal insurance that is not linked to being an AMP KiwiSaver Scheme member. Depending on your circumstances, fully underwritten insurance may be more expensive than AMP Essentials and may contain exclusions and/or premium loadings for pre-existing medical conditions.

If you take out AMP Essentials cover and then leave the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme in the future, and your health has deteriorated since taking out the cover, you may not be able to get alternative insurance cover on the terms that you would have been able to get if you had taken that alternative insurance now. It may be subject to exclusions or premium loadings, or cover may be deferred or declined.

Please contact an Adviser or AMP if you have any questions about whether this product is suitable for you.

As with any insurance policy there are some exclusions, or events, circumstances and conditions that we can’t cover you for.  Some key exclusions are set out below. For details of all the exclusions and other terms and conditions please refer to the Cover Terms.

You won’t receive any benefit if your Trauma, death, or Temporary Disablement was caused by:

  • pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage – if they are uncomplicated;
  • participation in criminal acts;
  • any act of war, whether war is declared or not;
  • your service in the armed services of any country or international organisation; or
  • suicide or attempted suicide, whether sane or insane, within 13 months from your cover start date.

The Temporary Disablement and Trauma benefits have an exclusion for intentional self-injury, and there is a 14 day survival period.

  • So long as you remain a member of the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme while you are overseas, you will have insurance cover anywhere in the world for up to three years while you are living overseas, provided that AMP agrees in writing before you leave New Zealand, subject to the Cover Terms.
  • If you make a claim for Temporary Disablement or Trauma while you are overseas, you may be required to return to New Zealand at your own cost for medical treatment or assessment. 

Your AMP Essentials insurance cover will commence once your application to join the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme is accepted. If your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme application is unsuccessful or has been not been accepted within 45 days of the date you applied to become an AMP KiwiSaver Scheme member (or such other timeframe as AMP Wealth Management may in its discretion allow), your AMP Essentials cover will be deemed never to have commenced.

If this happens, AMP will contact you and refund any AMP Essentials premiums which you have paid.

How do my premiums work and how do I change the date or frequency of my premium payments?

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Many life insurance premiums increase each year as you age. The premium payments you make for your AMP Essentials insurance are determined by age band and increase when you move into the next age band.

Premiums can change in certain other circumstances - refer to the Cover Terms for details.

To change the date or frequency of your payments please contact your Adviser, call us on 0800 267 263 or email us and we can assist you.

To make a Temporary Disablement or Trauma claim please contact your Adviser or complete the appropriate claim form below and send to AMP.

Death claims will be managed upon AMP receiving a completed Deceased member withdrawal application.

If you have any further queries please either call us on 0800 267 263 or email us.

There is a 14-day free look period, meaning you can get a refund within that timeframe if you change your mind. If your circumstances change, you can cancel at any stage.

You can also downgrade from AMP Essentials Plus to AMP Essentials at any time, but you cannot upgrade to AMP Essentials Plus.

Your AMP Essentials cover is personal to you and cannot be transferred.

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Cover Terms

If you have AMP Essentials cover which commenced between 11 April 2016 and 15 December 2016 you can view your cover terms here.

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If you have AMP Essentials cover which commenced on or after 16 October 2017 you can view your cover terms here.

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