What did you celebrate this year?

08 December 2016

Did you tick the homeowner box this year? Have twins? Meet your soulmate? Slip into blissful retirement? Start working for yourself?

Life-changing moments come in all shapes and sizes. It’s likely that something happened to you in 2016 to change your view of the world.If you’re just starting out in life, maybe this was the year you started your first full-time job and moved out of your parent’s place. That’s a massive milestone; a moment you’ll never forget.

Or maybe you’re at the empty-nest stage. That can mean down-sizing your home or enjoying the freedom of fewer financial burdens. What a great feeling.

While life changing events are different for everyone, they all signal a need to review your personal cover. And review doesn’t necessarily mean an increase to your cover; sometimes it can mean reducing your cover to match new circumstances.

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Life cover is not one-size-fits-all

When you see life cover advertised on TV or the web, it’s easy to get the impression that life insurance is like a box of cereal. You pick it off the shelf, pay some money and take it home to your financial pantry.

But the reality of effective life insurance is quite different. It needs to fit you exactly, like a made-to-measure garment. And when something changes, your cover may need a nip and tuck to ensure the correct ongoing fit.

A life-changing experience - such as a loved one requiring major surgery - could even signal that it’s time to add an extra product to the mix, like trauma cover.

Trauma cover, also referred to as critical illness cover, can help if you suffer a specified serious illness or injury, or if you undergo a specified serious medical procedure covered by your policy. If this were to happen, your trauma cover could provide you with a lump sum payment to use any way you like.

Celebrating milestones could mean lower premiums

Reviewing your cover doesn’t automatically mean you’ll end up getting more cover. Perhaps this year the kids moved out and you downsized the family home reducing your mortgage, meaning you may want to review the level of life cover you have. Or perhaps you quit smoking? If you haven’t smoked for at least 12 months, you can apply to AMP to be considered for non-smoker premium rates. Talk to your Adviser about your options.

In January, you could contact your Adviser to talk about your situation and what may have changed to ensure you’re only paying for the cover you actually need. If you don’t have an Adviser, you can find one here.

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