The top five podcasts for turning your commute into a finance lesson

19 October 2017

Finance-focused podcasts are a total game changer. Not only do they make a long commute feel like less of a drag, but they can also help you become financially savvy with practical advice and inspiration. Here are five entertaining yet educational recommendations:

Cooking the Books

This brand spanking new podcast is Kiwi-focused and tackles a different money problem every week. Hosted by journalist Frances Cook, the podcast aims to solve your financial issues by boosting your financial literacy. Exercising her journalistic prowess, Cook interviews financial experts, politicians and business leaders to deliver solid advice for New Zealanders in an easy to digest 15minute format. Plus, if you have any questions or personal financial topics you want covered on future podcasts, you can simply submit your requests.

Read more about Cooking the Books here

Money Girl

The Money Girl podcast is brilliant for friendly finance and investment tips bundled up in snack-sized episodes. Hosted by Laura Adams, an award-winning author and personal finance expert, her style is brief and to the point. Despite the brevity, each episode delves deep into specific topics to help you make better money decisions. Money Girl makes daunting concepts seem super simple.

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The Investors Podcast

Ever wanted to know what books Bill Gates has stacked on his nightstand? Or what Warren Buffet’s investment strategy is? Well, you’re in luck! This clever podcast delves into the habits of billionaires and talks about the books that have influenced them the most. They cover a great mix of motivational, entrepreneurial and investor related content, and it’s a brilliant resource for learning from the best and brightest.

Read more about The Investors Podcast here

Freakonomics Radio

This award-winning podcast is inspired by the wildly successful book of the same name. Each week this show covers socioeconomic issues for a general audience, exploring the “hidden side of everything”. While this podcast isn’t full of practical personal finance tips, it is an insightful and thought-provoking exploration into the world of economics and what makes our society tick. If you’re looking for a podcast packed with oddball facts that will give you a fresh perspective on the world, look no further than Freakonomics.

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Listen Money Matters!

This chuckle educing podcast makes learning about personal finance fun. Hosted by Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank, the pair are candid about their own experiences and they have an impressive understanding of finance. The duo delivers practical advice with a raw and relatable tone, keeping each episode fresh and funny. They also bring in seasoned pros to discuss their professional areas of expertise.

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