Protecting your personal information

14 February 2020

There has been media coverage recently about a client data breach at a KiwiSaver provider following a cyber security incident.

Our clients are in no way impacted, but unfortunately incidents like these are an increasingly common threat for any company that manages data of any kind, particularly for those organisations who do not have robust systems and trained personnel in place to manage any potential threats.

  • We take the collection and storage of personal information very seriously and work to protect our clients' data on multiple levels
  • We employ a dedicated team of security experts and experienced software engineers whose job it is to design and implement best practice cyber security standards. They work to maintain a rigorous, ongoing programme of testing and enhancement of our systems to minimise any potential risk, which we constantly review
  • We partner with external security experts to further augment our capability to identify and address any potential threats
  • We embed security into all of our processes and systems.

Protecting client data is our number one priority and something we’re resolutely focused on every day. If you have any questions, please contact us.