Holidaying on a budget

06 November 2020

Thinking of exploring New Zealand this summer? Before you plan your break, read on for some simple tips for keeping the costs down on your holiday.

  1. Relocation, relocation, relocation
    Many car or campervan companies need vehicles shuttling between the North and South Islands, and whilst you might have a fairly tight timeline the company usually covers the rental cost and ferry ticket and you generally only have to pay a daily insurance fee, which will save you $$!
  2. Don’t let eating out eat up your budget!
    If you’re camping or campervanning (or even staying in accommodation with a kitchenette) avoid pricy restaurant meals every night by cooking up a quick, cheap and easy one-pot meal (check out some travel blogs for some ideas). Or pop to a supermarket and buy some cold cuts and salad and enjoy a picnic in a scenic setting!
  3. House swap!
    Use what you’ve already got, and instead of leaving your own home vacant whilst you’re away this summer, swap your home through an official service so you save money on accommodation (and someone’s keeping an eye on your place too!)! There are lots of companies offering this so scour the web.
  4. Thrifty thirst-quenching
    Take your own refillable water bottle to save you buying bottled water from shops and coffee cup to enjoy the discounts cafes often offer to customers with reusable cups!
  5. Enjoy some Freedom!
    If you’re holidaying by campervan and your van is self-contained, stay in Freedom camping sites all around the country for free or if you’re camping, stay in cheap DOC campsites instead of expensive holiday parks!

And if after reading our tips, taking a well-earned trip this summer has become your number one goal, check out our guide to support your financial wellbeing, to help you turn all your goals into reality!