Business assessment

Increasing the value of your business through achieving and promoting performance measures

  • The AFS NZ Business Assessment (BA) is an assessment tool designed to act as a blueprint for building a model Adviser Business. This assessment tool evaluates the quality of an Adviser Business across all areas of business management including their internal structures, compliance, planning and best-practice processes.
  • The BA is also a key component of the Business Transition Facility (BTF). It utilises the results from the BA to provide an enhanced capital value, which can be used during the BTF process, and for Business Finance requests.
  • The workbook clearly outlines benchmarks and assessment criteria, making it simple and straightforward to complete.
  • In general the BA adopts a "balanced scorecard approach" but for purposes of the scorecard, given its importance in the NZ financial services sector, consideration is given to the Risk and Governance function of Adviser Businesses. The following areas will be assessed;

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