About AMP Scholarships

From fashion design, to health rehabilitation programmes, to competing at a world championship event, AMP has given more than $2.4 million to help over 300 everyday Kiwis achieve their dreams.

This year, up to $200,000 worth of AMP Scholarships are available to talented and determined Kiwis who can prove they’re passionate about pursuing their dream!

So why do we do it?

AMP is determined to help people to own their tomorrow - by encouraging them to take steps towards their dreams with AMP Scholarships, as well as helping them to protect their finances with insurances and investments. For more information about AMP and what we do, go to amp.co.nz.

What’s your dream?

No matter what your dream is, we’d like to help. Maybe you’re ready to go and seeking funding to help you get started? Maybe you’ve got an idea and need to develop it further? Or maybe you’re still searching and could just do with some inspiration?