Creating a plan

Transforming your dream into reality

Found your thing? Ready to take your dream off the drawing board and create a plan? To help you take the next step on your journey to doing your thing we asked Clinical Psychologist Mary Grogan for a little advice.

Even when you’re truly passionate about something, moving a dream from an idea phase through to action can be tough. It’s easy for everyday life to get in the way.

A Registered Clinical Psychologist, Mary Grogan has a wealth of experience. She runs her own Auckland-based practise, specialising in behaviour change, so suffice it to say she knows a lot about making things happen.

Visualise your goal

A good place to start is to visualise where you’re headed and then set smaller ‘sub goals’ to help you stay focused.

“Unless you break your goal down into manageable sections, it’s very much pie in the sky. It’s better to visualise how you’ll get there, and what obstacles you might hit along the way.”

She suggests using the SMART goal framework as a starting point. This stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. It’s a way of developing goals that allows space for feedback. You can see the areas where you’re doing well, or any areas where you might need a little something extra.

Work in minute blocks

How do you stop yourself from running out of steam? Working in 45-90 minute blocks with regular breaks helps you to be more productive. If you’re not at your best, what would normally take you an hour, might take you several. So avoid skipping lunch to work through. Even a 15-minute break can help.

“During downtime, your brain can make links and associations that it can’t while you’re concentrating. That’s why you often have great ideas in the shower or on your way home. If you don’t allow yourself downtime, you’re missing out on those insights.”

Hero your successes

It’s normal to be very tough on yourself and understate your own achievements. But while it’s very normal, it’s not especially constructive. So it’s time to put those habits aside and hero your successes in your AMP Scholarship application.

All your previous achievements are evidence of your successes and strengths, and you’re allowed to be proud of that.

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