AMP People's Choice Scholarship

Recipients of the AMP Regional Scholarship automatically go into the running for the AMP People's Choice Scholarship, an extra $5000 towards their dream! Based on people's votes, the AMP People's Scholarship is awarded to the individual that gets the most support behind them through friends, family and their community. 


AMP 2017 People's Choice Recipient: Samantha Felton

Samantha competes in the sport of Three Day Eventing and dreams of representing New Zealand at the 2020 Oympic and World Equestrian Games.

Once voting opens all AMP People's Choice Scholarship applicants will appear on the People's Choice web page.

Voting opens 2 October 2018.

AMP People's Choice Scholarship Terms & Conditions.

When does voting open and close?

AMP People’s Choice Scholarship voting opens Friday 2 September and closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 2 October 2016.

NOTE: Sorry, People's Choice voting is not quite ready. We're working on getting this sorted as soon as possible. Check back soon.

When is the AMP People’s Choice Scholarship recipient announced?

AMP People’s Choice Scholarship recipient will be announced on the AMP Scholarships Facebook page week commencing 3 October 2016 (after being contacted by AMP). 

For more information on the voting and selection process, please see the AMP Scholarships Terms and Conditions.

How do I tell how many votes an applicant has?

You won’t be able to see how many votes an applicant has. The AMP People’s Choice Scholarship homepage will be updated with details of the five AMP People’s Choice applicants with the highest total number of votes as of the relevant date. The top five applicants will not be listed in any particular order.

How do I vote?

Voting will only be accepted through Facebook authorisation, so you will need to have a Facebook account in order to be eligible to place a vote. 2016 AMP Scholarships applicants may vote through their AMP Scholarship account and their vote will be authenticated through that AMP Scholarship account.

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

Your vote for an AMP People’s Choice Scholarship applicant must be authenticated via Facebook.

Why do I need my vote to be 'authenticated via Facebook’ when voting?

The Facebook authentication feature processes your vote and allows us to monitor votes to ensure the process is fair to all applicants. This involves authorising Facebook to access some of your account information - such as your name, email address and city. Essentially, it extracts the data automatically instead of asking voters to fill out a form with their first name, last name, email address, etc.

You can find out more about Facebook application privacy settings here. We take privacy very seriously, and the data collected will only be used for vote-checking and vote-analysis only.  You can view our Terms & Conditions here.

My vote isn’t working?

There may be an issue with the configuration of your web browser that is affecting the voting process. Please try to vote via a different web browser. Otherwise email us at with a screenshot of the problem and the browser you’re using - and our team will look into it for you.

Who is eligible to vote?

Only New Zealand citizens or New Zealand permanent residents are eligible to vote.

Fraudulent votes and cheating

We'll be checking votes and monitoring the AMP People's Choice Scholarship voting process for invalid voting records or patterns. Any entrants who commit voting fraud or source votes illegally may be disqualified. If you are aware of any fraudulent voting, please contact us on

Can I vote for more than one person?

To keep things fair, AMP People's Choice Scholarship voting is limited to one vote per person.

What if I can't find the applicant I want to vote for?

Just click search in the search box provided at the top left of the page where you can search by name to find an applicant. If the applicant does not appear, it may be that they have not opted in to be included for the AMP People’s Choice scholarship.

Can an applicant update his/her profile?

Once voting opens, it’s no longer possible to update or add new information to your AMP People’s Choice Scholarship application.

My profile picture looks wonky!

If there are serious issues with an applicant’s profile picture, please contact us at Any changes will be on a case by case basis.

How can I remove my application?

Send us an email to and we will remove your People’s Choice application.

I want to apply for an AMP National Scholarship or AMP Study Start Scholarship, how can I do this?

Sorry, applications are now closed for 2016 - but we’d love to see you back here next year. Follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop.