Life insurance

Helps provide for your family if you die or become terminally ill.

Income protection 

Helps protect you and your family's current standard of living if you lose your income through illness or injury.

Trauma insurance

Provides financial help if you suffer a specified major illness or injury.

Disability insurance

Provides you with financial support if you become totally and permanently disabled.


General insurance

Financial protection against possible loss or damage to your car, house and belongings.

Workplace insurance

Provides financial protection to employees and their families.

Business insurance

Financially protects your business if you become totally disabled by illness or injury and are unable to work.

Travel insurance

Financial protection against loss, theft and unexpected events.

Benefits of AMP insurance

Three reasons to feel comfortable with AMP insurance:

We make it easy

Our dedicated team is here for you and on your side if you ever need us, paying out a large amount of claims every year.

We have the experience

For over 160 years AMP has been helping families just like yours to financially protect their way of life.

Specialised advice

We provide access to a nationwide network of financial Advisers who can provide specialised advice on all your insurance.

How an Adviser could help 

Choosing the right insurance to meet your individual needs can be confusing. By taking the time to thoroughly understand your personal circumstances, an Adviser can recommend the best insurance options for you. There is no obligation, but with specialised advice you can relax knowing the things important to you are protected.

Use our tool to find an Adviser in your region or request a quote and we can get in touch with you.

A disclosure statement is available from your Adviser on request and free of charge.

Looking for a quote?

Contact info

  • Call 0800 106 652 for personal insurance claims
  • Contact your HR contact or Plan Administrator for Workplace claims
  • Call 0508 806 244 for General insurance claims