Your AMP statement checklist

Are you still on the right track to achieving your goals?

Each year, we send out annual statements to many AMP members. While it may be tempting to simply file it away, reviewing your statement should be a key activity completed once received. These statements contain important information that can help ensure you’re on the right track to achieving your goals.

Below are some quick things to check when reviewing your statement.


Are your contact details up to date?

The quickest way to update your details is to login to MyAMP and update your personal details online.


Is your PIR correct?

The rate of tax you pay is called a Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR).
If it’s too low, you could end up with additional tax to pay to Inland Revenue. If it’s too high, you may be entitled to claim overpaid tax back from the Inland Revenue.
Check out our guide on how to get on to the right tax rate.


Are you in the right fund?

The right fund for you is likely to change over time depending on your circumstances and needs. Try our online fund quiz to see which fund may suit you.


Check your contributions

The amount you contribute today can potentially have an impact on your future savings. We’ve added a new feature to the MyAMP web portal to help AMP KiwiSaver Scheme and eligible* NZRT members adjust their contributions conveniently.

AMP KiwiSaver Scheme members:

AMP KiwiSaver Scheme or NZRT members:

Any recent changes made to your investment or contact details may not yet be reflected in your statement.

* If your NZRT plan is eligible, you’ll see a new “Top-up” button in The MyAMP web portal.

How can I view my statements?

Just click on one of the buttons below. As soon as you log in to MyAMP, you'll be redirected to the right page with your most recent statement.

Important information

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