Get a little help with saving for retirement

KiwiSaver is designed to help Kiwis enjoy a more comfortable and content retirement. Whether you’re planning for your life after work, or you’re already there, here’s our guide on what you need to know about maximising your retirement with KiwiSaver.

Our Managed Funds

Our Managed Funds

Looking for a simple, easy, and low-cost way to invest and make your money work hard for you? Grow your money with managed funds to achieve your big goals, small goals and everything in between. Learn more >

Our KiwiSaver Scheme

Our KiwiSaver Scheme

We know that saving for the future is a must, and the earlier, the better. That's where KiwiSaver comes in. KiwiSaver makes it easy to save and grow your nest egg for your first home or retirement. Learn more >

Outstanding value insurance cover

Our Insurance

Looking for quality insurance cover? We've been helping Kiwis find the right insurance cover to suit their needs since 1966. Easy to quote and buy online, and there to offer a little help for when you need it most. Learn more >

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  • Fund Performance

    Fund Performance

    Check out the latest returns, unit prices, and historical performance across our investments. Learn more

  • Sustainable Investing

    Sustainable Investing

    Sustainable investing isn’t a choice between doing good and healthy returns. You don’t have to trade one for the other. Learn more

  • Investment guides

    Investment guides

    Tools, guides and videos to help you on your investment journey. Learn more

  • Financial wellbeing

    Financial wellbeing

    Our top tips of things you can do each month to improve your financial wellbeing. Learn more


Investing in good is a good investment

The future is about putting money into good. More and more customers want to support businesses that are good for the world, and these businesses are thriving.  Sustainable investing isn’t a choice between doing good and healthy returns. You don’t have to trade one for the other. That’s why we apply the same sustainable approach across all our AMP branded funds. Learn more about AMPs sustainable approach.

Sustainable investment
Good for the planet.
Good for your balance.
We invest sustainably across our AMP funds.

We say NO to...
Sustainable investing is at our core.
This means saying no to investing in some products and services.

A little help
Help the way you want it. Get real answers from Kiwis like you. Simple digital tools. Expert insights & advice.

On track for retirement?

Use our KiwiSaver calculator to understand how your choices today will affect how much money you'll have to buy your first home or retire comfortably. Try now

Investment Guide

Considering your investing options? Explore the difference between Term Deposits, KiwiSaver and Managed Funds in our investment guide. Compare now