Unfortunately, retirement isn't free. Fortunately, AMP can help with that.

As much as we probably would like to, we can’t escape the fact that we’re all going to need money in our retirement.
Which is why we’re here, to help you make sure you have the right plan to get you to where you want to be.

Retirement means different things to different people – but the one thing we can all agree on, is that we want to live our retirement life our way. This might mean things as simple as being able to eat out regularly with friends when we want to, pampering yourself with a new ‘do’ every 6 weeks or slightly bigger things like travel, updating the car or that new set of golf clubs.

But unfortunately, statistics tell us that most New Zealanders won’t have enough savings for their retirement and aren’t doing enough about it.

AMP can help with that.

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We've helped Kiwis save $10 billion towards retirement

“This thing called retirement, it's under construction, and AMP get that. I feel so much better knowing I have a plan in place, right now I'm paying off my debt, investing what I can to try and grow my wealth."

“I never knew how much the money I have in my KiwiSaver account could make my retirement that much easier. Thanks AMP and thanks so much Alex for helping me out."

“My Mum was with AMP - they helped her with life insurance and today they help me save for my retirement and other smaller goals in life. They're down to earth and keep it simple. Couldn't recommend higher."