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My Insurance Manager

When you purchase an online policy with AMP, you can easily manage it online 24/7 with My Insurance Manager.

If you have purchased your policy through an advisor you will need to contact them to make any changes to your policy.

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Manage your policy 24/7 online.

Make a payment
Make a payment

You need the Payment Reference Number found on the payment slip of your insurance notice.
Don't have it? Contact us

Not registered yet?
Not registered yet?

You’ll need your policy details to get started

Contact us
Contact us

With My Insurance Manager you’ll be able to:

  • View your policy details including what you’re covered for, any extras you’ve chosen and your premiums
  • Update your contact details including your address and contact number.
  • Choose your contact preferences for when we need to contact you
  • Amend your cover including when the cost to rebuild your home changes, you change cars or you buy valuable new things
  • Download your policy documentation and have it sent straight to your inbox

A little help when you need it

There are a few things in your policy that you will need our help to change. Please give us a call on 0800 505 234 if you need to do any of the following:

  • Change your cover type – if you want to choose a product with more cover than you currently have.
  • Changing your registered email address – the address you use to access My Insurance Manager.
  • Updating your personal details – if you want to change the main policy contact or you’ve changed your name.
  • Cancel a policy.
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Log in

Make a payment
Not registered yet?
Not registered yet?

You’ll need your policy details to get started

Contact us
Contact us


Registering and logging in

How do I register for My Insurance Manager?

When you buy a new AMP Everyday insurance policy you will be automatically registered for My Insurance Manager using the details you provide during the purchase.

Simply activate your registration via the confirmation email we sent you to get started.

I’ve already registered but I can’t log in – help?

You’ll need to check that the email address you’re trying to sign in with has been properly registered. Click the ‘Forgot your email address’ link and verify your details.

Once you have, we’ll confirm the email address you used to register. You can choose to reset your password if you need to.

This is my first time using My Insurance Manager, how come it tells me I’ve already registered?

If you purchase online we automatically register you for My Insurance Manager using the email address you provide during the purchase.

To log in, follow the instructions in the activation email, or you can use a Facebook and Google login that uses the same email address you used when you purchased your policy.

Where can I find the main policy contact information?

This is the main contact of the policy or the person who set up the policy. To find the main contact have a look at your policy document or contact us.

Where can I find my policy number?

Top right hand corner of your policy document, or contact us.

I have a joint policy, can we both register?

Only the main policy contact can register for My Insurance Manager. If you need to have this changed please contact us.

How does the Facebook and Google sign on option work?

If the email address you used to purchase your AMP Everyday insurance matches your Facebook or Google account, you can use these to log in to My Insurance Manager.

Why can’t I see my policies in my policy list?

You can find your policy and add it to your policy list by clicking on the ‘Can’t see your policy’ link on the ‘Your policy list’ page. Using your policy number, search for your policy and then follow the steps to add it to your list.

Note, only AMP Everyday policies are visible in My Insurance Manager.

Updating your policy

How do I update my policy?

Once you’re logged in, click ‘Update your policy’ from the left hand menu and choose from the available options.

If you have more than one policy to update, you’ll need to update each policy individually.

What type of changes can I make?

Mid Term:
- Update your sum insured (Home, Contents & Car)
- Swap your car (Everyday Plus Car insurance only)
- Change your car’s registration
- Make a payment/request a refund following mid-term amendment (annually paid policies only)
- Update your postal address
- Change your contact and marketing preferences.

At Renewal:
- Update your excesses
- Swap your car (Everyday Plus Car insurance only)
- Change your payment frequency
- Add or remove optional benefits

Can I update my policy before renewing it?

Whether you’re paying by direct debit or annually you’ll be able to update your excess, payment frequency and any optional benefits (depending on your cover type).

Use the ‘Update your policy’ link to make changes. Changes will be effective from your renewal date.

If you pay annually, you'll be able to update your excess, payment frequency and any optional benefits (depending on your cover type) when you renew your policy.

Will I get confirmation of the changes I make to my policy?

Yes. All of the changes you make through My Insurance Manager are confirmed in writing to you. This will either be via email or post, depending on the communication preference you’ve set.

What should I do when I move house?

If you're only updating a car insurance policy you can update your address (and the location at which your car is usually parked) within My Insurance Manager. Click ’Update your policy’, then ’Car location’.

For home, contents and landlord insurance policies, you’ll need to contact us to update your address.

Making payments

When I updated my policy, my premium increased. When do I pay for the increase?

When a change to your policy results in a premium increase, your debit or credit card will be charged immediately. Direct debit payments will be adjusted in time for your next payment.

I’m owed a refund as a result of a policy change, when will this come through?

Refunds generally show up on your card within five working days.

Can I pay all my premiums through My Insurance Manager?

If you pay your premiums annually you can pay for your insurance when you renew.