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Say YES to a great retirement with the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme. We're here to help you reach your big goals in life, whether that's buying your first home or saving for a comfortable retirement.

By choosing AMP as your KiwiSaver scheme provider, you’ll join a scheme designed to deliver healthy returns through sustainable investments. With a little help from AMP, your savings can go a long way.

Whether you’re just joining KiwiSaver, growing your nest egg, or looking to withdraw your funds at the perfect time, we’re always on hand to guide you on your KiwiSaver superannuation journey. We also give you total control over your money via the MyAMP app and online portal.

Healthy returns
AMP KiwiSaver funds feature fees as low as 0.58% while driving healthy returns. When you join the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme you’re given a choice of seven different funds from some of NZ’s leading investment and fund managers. We use an index investing approach and diversified investment portfolios to replicate the broader market performance, which spreads risk, delivers value over the long term and minimises buying and selling to keep costs down.
Responsible, sustainable
Good for the planet, good for your balance. We are proud to invest sustainably across our KiwiSaver NZ funds – the approach forms the core of our investment strategy. But our funds' investment decisions aren’t made just for sustainability’s sake – we aim for the best of all worlds, choosing responsible investments that also deliver healthy fund performance, provide better value for money, and help create a brighter future for the next generation.
Expert help, total control
As a member of the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme, you’ll gain access to a wealth of guidance and advice. You can call, email or book an appointment with our expert KiwiSaver team, or you can find your answers in our Help Hub. You can then put this knowledge into action through MyAMP, where you can view your balance and fund performance, download statements, change your fund mix and more. Enjoy control with a capital ‘C’.

“Very easy to manage your funds via the AMP app and your staff are very helpful! Thanks for reminding me to top up so I'll get extra money from the government."

“Reliable, trustworthy company, friendly, helpful staff and service. AMP give me peace of mind that my money and safe and that my balance is growing."

“I need my KiwiSaver for my first home, AMP made the process as easy as possible and were a great source of advice."

Make a plan

Saving for retirement - it seems we all know we should do it, but why does it seem so difficult to do?

Feeling unprepared? Start here

Help make sure you get the retirement you want - check out how your savings stack up with our KiwiSaver calculator. You'll thank your younger self later.

Imagine retirement

Ever wondered what it would be like to retire today? We're giving away a chance to try out retirement for a little while to think about how your real retirement might be with the right planning.

Check your settings
Check your choice of fund. Your future lifestyle might depend on choosing the right investment fund, so make sure you pick the best one for your needs.


What is the 3-year rule for KiwiSaver?

While KiwiSaver acts primarily as a retirement fund, you can also use your savings to help fund the purchase of your first home. The three-year rule states that you must be in KiwiSaver for at least three years before withdrawing funds for your first home. After the three-year mark, you can withdraw your contributions and your employer's contributions for this purpose.

What age do you get KiwiSaver?

You can join KiwiSaver at any age – there is no minimum. That said, 16 and 17-year-olds must have the consent of at least one legal guardian, while those under 16 need the consent of all legal guardians, and cannot enrol themselves.

Once you join KiwiSaver you can begin to grow your savings through bank deposits and personal contributions through work (the default is 3% of your income, but you can choose to contribute above that figure). Employer contributions are not compulsory until you turn 18, at which point employers are required to contribute 3%.

How to check my KiwiSaver balance?

If you live in New Zealand and are a KiwiSaver member, you can check your balance through Inland Revenue or your KiwiSaver scheme provider – in the case of AMP, through the MyAMP app and AMP’s online portal.

The 0.79% fee applies to AMP-branded funds, except for the AMP Cash Fund which has a lower fee of 0.58%. The 0.79% fee is the estimated total annual fund charge, which is expressed as a percentage of the net asset value. It comprises a fixed management fee and the estimated costs and expenses incurred in running the fund. To find out more download the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme Product Disclosure Statements and Other Material Information.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Returns over different periods may differ.