Tips to consider when making your KiwiSaver plans


Unlike a bank savings account where you set money aside, in KiwiSaver you buy things that have value, like shares in a company. KiwiSaver members choose which type of fund or funds they put their money into. Some are considered higher risk, but often deliver higher returns over the long term. Others are considered lower risk, but usually deliver more consistent returns.

KiwiSaver is a long game

The first question you should ask yourself is: “When am I going to need my money?” For most of us KiwiSaver is a long game. It's not time to make a hasty decision. The secret to grow your KiwiSaver is to be in the fund or funds that suits your needs and make regular contributions.

Choosing a fund that is right for you

Whether you’re new to KiwiSaver or an experienced investor, our expanded range of 28 investment options gives you more control and greater flexibility, without any additional fees. You can choose to split your investment across up to seven funds and you can change those selections at any time.

When deciding on what type of fund to choose, its best to start with thinking about what kind of journey you want to take and what you want your destination to look like when you get there. The more risk you are comfortable taking on, the higher the possible return.

Learn more about which fund to choose:

If’s it’s all a bit daunting, speak to an adviser

Working with a Financial Adviser is a great way to keep on top of your KiwiSaver savings plan. An Adviser can see how your plan is working (or not) for you, and make some suggested changes, if needed. You can also undertake a regular review with your Adviser to make sure your plan is still relevant and meets your changing needs - from the kids leaving home to your retirement. To find an Adviser to help you with your financial planning, contact us on and we’ll get you started.

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