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Top 3 KiwiSaver tips

Our top 3 tips on making KiwiSaver work for you.

1. Make regular contributions


Save money into your account on a regular basis.

If you are working you can choose contributions of 3%, 4%, 6%, 8% or 10% of your before tax pay or you can make lump sum deposits.

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2. Check employer contributions


If you are employed and contributing part of your pay to KiwiSaver, your employer also generally has to contribute at least 3% of your before-tax pay.

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3. Don’t miss out on your free $521 Government contribution


As long as you are eligible, for every dollar you put into KiwiSaver the Government will put in 50 cents, up to $521.43 each year.

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Investing in good is a good investment

The future is about putting money into good. More and more customers want to support businesses that are good for the world, and these businesses are thriving. 

Sustainable investing isn’t a choice between doing good and healthy returns. You don’t have to trade one for the other. 

That’s why we apply the same sustainable approach across all our AMP funds.¹

Top 3 frequently-asked questions

1. Can you give me a quick lesson on how KiwiSaver works?

We have this 2-minute video that will give you a quick overview of how KiwiSaver works:

2. Am I in the right fund?

A good start is to first have a think about what kind of journey you want to take and what you want your destination to look like when you get there.

Some funds are considered higher risk, which generally means higher potential returns over time, but with more ups and downs along the way.

Others are considered lower risk, which typically deliver more consistent, yet lower returns.

If you are in the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme, try out our fund selector tool and take the short quiz to find out which fund best suits you. To find out more about the funds we have, click here.

3. What is the withdrawal process?

KiwiSaver is designed to help you save for retirement. When you reach the age of 65, you can choose to access the savings in your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account.
To learn about the process for a KiwiSaver retirement withdrawal, eligibility and withdrawal options, click here.

Can I withdraw before I’m 65?
In some situations you may be able to withdraw funds from your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account before the age of 65. If you meet the criteria, this might apply to you in the case of:
• purchase of a first home
• significant financial hardship
• serious illness
• life-shortening congenital conditions
• death
• permanent immigration (not to Australia)
• withdrawal of Australian retirement savings (from age 60 provided you have retired under Australian law).

Withdrawals depend on the NZRT plan you are in. To find out if you are eligible for the withdrawal, refer to your NZRT member booklet. If you don’t have a copy, please contact your employer, adviser or us. You can also learn more about significant financial hardship withdrawals here.

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¹ The 0.79% fee applies to AMP-branded funds, except for the AMP Cash Fund which has a lower fee of 0.58%, the AMP Defensive Conservative Fund (closed to new investors). The 0.79% fee is the estimated total annual fund charge, which is expressed as a percentage of the net asset value. It comprises a fixed management fee and the estimated costs and expenses incurred in running the fund. To find out more download the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme Product Disclosure Statement and Fees and Other Charges.

*Average New Zealand KiwiSaver balance of $29,022 based on Melville Jessup Weaver KiwiSaver Demographic Study published March 2022.