Feedback and complaints

Let us know your thoughts so we can keep on improving.

Our goal at AMP is for our customers to receive high quality, excellent customer service from our people. If you have any feedback, positive or constructive, we’d like to hear about it.

More importantly if you have a complaint let us know so we can put things right.

Thanks to feedback and complaints we learn what we’re getting right and where we can improve.

Our complaint process

We’re committed to treating your feedback seriously, and resolving any issues as quickly and fairly as possible.

When you raise a concern or complaint we’ll aim to:
•   Acknowledge your issue and give you assurance that we’ll investigate
•   Give you an explanation of what happened and why
•   If required, work with you to reach a fair resolution
•   Where possible, make changes to avoid future recurrences

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Your second point of contact

If our Customer Service Representative or their Manager has been unable to resolve your complaint you can ask for your complaint to be escalated to our dedicated Customer Response Team, who manage complex or unresolved customer complaints.

Alternatively you can contact the Team directly at

Please outline the details of your complaint including:
•  the policy and/or investment number
•  any relevant communication about your concerns

Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme Inc.
(IFSO Scheme)

If AMP is unable to resolve your complaint, you could be eligible to receive assistance from the IFSO Scheme.

The IFSO Scheme was set up in 1995 by the insurance industry to resolve disputes between insurance and savings companies and consumers. Membership of the IFSO Scheme is voluntary, independent, impartial and free to consumers; AMP is a participating member of the IFSO Scheme.

Please note that complaints to the Ombudsman need to meet certain criteria. For information on the service offered by the IFSO Scheme, and the types of complaints they can consider, please visit the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman website for more information.

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