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Investments with WealthView

A premium investment service, without the premium.

If you’re after a tailored solution with access to specialised advice, you’ve come to the right place.

We have WealthView accredited Advisers available to help tailor-make an investment portfolio that meets your financial goals and risk profile, using our range of high quality, independently researched investments. Your Adviser will regularly review your portfolio to ensure it reflects your changing needs and lifestyle.

Benefits of WealthView:

Investments are chosen to suit your goals, from a range of AMP approved Australasian managed funds, bonds, shares and cash products.

High quality
High quality

Funds are chosen using a stringent selection process, based on information from our independent research partner, Mercer.


We’ll send you performance reports by email or post, and you’ll be able to access real-time online statements.


Get a single consolidated tax report at the end of the tax year to help you complete your tax return quickly and easily.


Your Adviser will regularly review your portfolio to reflect your changing needs and lifestyle.


Everything's taken care of for you - it's portfolio management made easy!

Cash Management Account and Rate of interest

All clients have a Cash Management Account. Below is the rate of interest you receive on the Cash Management Account (in the various currencies it is available) as at 22 April 2020.

Current interest rate you receive

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Important information

We have appointed FNZ Limited (FNZ) to provide investment administration and custody services in relation to your WealthView investment. To understand more about FNZ’s services, including how it is remunerated from the WealthView service, please find a copy of FNZ’s Disclosure Statement here.

While care has been taken to supply information on this website that is accurate, no entity or person gives any warranty of reliability or accuracy, or accepts any responsibility arising in any way including from any error or omission. The content provided is intended to be used as information only and does not constitute personalised advice. Before acting on any of the information provided, we recommend that you seek advice which takes your individual circumstances into account.
A disclosure statement is available from your Adviser, on request and free of charge.