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Getting a Better Outcome on Claims

Making a claim can be stressful. Something has gone wrong; you need it fixed ASAP and there’s a process required to get it done. To ensure the claims process runs smoothly, here’s some tips on how to make the process easier.

A lot of issues arise from insufficient information being provided when lodging a claim. This forces the claims handler to get extra information before proceeding to the next stages and results in delays. To make it quicker and easier, below are some tips that will help you when making a claim.

Every claim should have;

A policy number

Fully completed claim form

Bank account details

Contact details

The most common element missing is bank account details. Make sure you’ve provided all the above information to make the claims process quick and easy.


If you complete a claim form in full, including licence details, supervising driver if necessary and their drivers licence, then the claims handler has all the details they need.

Common delays in motor claims are found where it is not advised;

  • Who the panel beater/repairer is
  • Who the third party is and their details - this delays any consideration towards waiving the excess (you need to provide at least three pieces of third-party detail, such as registration number, name, address or phone number)
  • Drivers licence details
  • The owner of the car, or the driver, not signing the claim form


Tips to make it quicker and easier;

  • Use approved repairers (with us, there is a guarantee for the repairs whilst you own the vehicle)
  • Provide the at fault parties details - often the Police can provide these details to your insurer, however this takes time and puts you at risk of the excess not being waived.


Complete the claim form in full, don’t skip questions. The claim form gives the insurer all the information they need to commence the claim, and the correct and full description of the loss.

Other handy items include;

Proof of Purchase - can be receipts, photos, invoices

Damaged items

  • Report as to cause of damage (we will do this for electronic equipment)
  • Photos of the damaged items
  • Photos of stickers on items which describe the damaged item - especially relevant to damaged TV’s and other appliances


Stolen or lost items

  • Police report
  • Completed schedule of loss – this should include a full description, age and purchase price
  • Proof of purchase – receipts, photos or invoices



  • Make/Model of cell phone
  • Age of phone
  • Gigabyte Size
  • Any accessories involved in the loss
  • Confirmation phone is blacklisted by network provider if stolen or lost


Remember, the claims team are keen to help and have a good outcome for you. Following these tips will help the claims people immensely and make the process run quick and easy.


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