Learn about how KiwiSaver works and how it can help set you up for your retirement or get you into your first home.

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KiwiSaver and retirement

Whether you’re planning for your life after work, or you’re already there, here’s all you need to know about maximising your retirement with KiwiSaver. Learn more >


How KiwiSaver works

Discover how KiwiSaver works, why you should join, when you can use your KiwiSaver savings, and more. Learn more >


KiwiSaver and your first home

Think KiwiSaver is just for retirement? Think again. It could be key to securing your first home. Learn more >


How much money do I need in retirement?

Discover how much you might need for retirement based on your lifestyle and get tips to boost your savings for a comfortable retirement. Learn more >


KiwiSaver government contributions, explained

Are you securing the maximum government contribution possible? Find out how to get your share of the money. Learn more >


Managed Funds, KiwiSaver, or term deposits?

Explore the key differences between Managed Funds, KiwiSaver and term deposits. Learn more >


KiwiSaver for Kids

When it comes to KiwiSaver, different rules apply to under 18s. Discover all you need to know about children joining KiwiSaver. Learn more >

KiwiSaver and employers

We explain your obligations as an employer, and how you can help new and existing employees save for a brighter financial future. Learn more >


KiwiSaver for Self-employed

As a self-employed Kiwi you have complete control over your KiwiSaver. This is a big responsibility, as your actions today can dictate how comfortable you will be in the future. Learn more >


Is your Prescribed Investor Rate tax rate set correctly?

Setting your PIR tax rate correctly ensures you don’t have to deal with more tax return paperwork at the end of the financial year. Here’s how to make sure yours is set where it should be. Learn more >


Guide to index investing

Here we demystify what index investing is and explain why it can be a smart strategy for New Zealanders looking to enter the investment game. Learn more >


How to save for a house deposit faster

When you’re saving for your first home, every dollar counts. But with the right saving strategies, you can get into your own home sooner. Learn more >


Why it’s important to have investment goals

Investment goals are a crucial part of financial planning. They provide clear and achievable goals to work towards and help keep you motivated! Learn more >


The basics of diversifying investments

Get up to speed on one of the key strategies to balance risk and reward in your investment portfolio. Learn more >


Guide to auto-investing

Auto-investing sounds technical. But it’s not. Learn the basics of auto-investing, you might already be doing it! Learn more >

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Enjoy greater control over your future with the help of AMP KiwiSaver Scheme. Where will your retirement savings take you?

Managed Funds
Managed Funds

The smart, easy, low-cost way to make your money work hard for you.

Aussie Super Transfer
Aussie Super Transfer

Our guide can help you make an informed decision about whether or not to transfer your Aussie retirement savings to New Zealand.

UK Pension Transfer
UK Pension Transfer

Transferring your retirement savings from the UK can help you to consolidate your assets, making it easier to control and manage your savings.

Workplace savings
Workplace savings

New Zealand Retirement Trust (NZRT), our flexible workplace-based retirement savings scheme designed to help you save for a more comfortable retirement.

All investments
All investments

No matter what your goal is, or how long you have to get there, we’ve got a range of investment options to help you achieve the retirement you deserve.