Navigating travel in a pandemic

Kiwis. We love to travel. Maybe it’s because we live so far away from the rest of the world and have an inherent desire to see how other people live or we want to explore the places our family and friends come from. Either way, now that the boarders are opening, we can’t wait to dip our toes back into traveling.

That being said, there is still risk outside of Covid, including a more intense flu season with our border opening to overseas visitors, which also means us kiwis travelling abroad face the same risks.

It’s important to think about travel insurance, how it has changed and what your options may be. Our travel partner, Allianz Partners New Zealand, has a selected cover for epidemic and pandemic diseases, including Covid-19, for domestic, leisure, business and corporate travel insurance. The cover offers travelers the provision to claim for cancellation and medical expenses, should they contract an epidemic or pandemic disease such as Covid-19 after purchasing their policy.

It does not cover general travel disruption as a result of an epidemic or pandemic disease such as Covid-19, including government mandated lockdowns, border restrictions and travelling against the New Zealand government’s advice. There is no cover for lockdowns, changes in government alert levels, quarantine or mandatory isolation applying to a population or part of a population.

While there will still be a general exclusion for epidemics and pandemics, meaning lockdowns and mandatory quarantines will not be covered, cover will be in place if travelers contract an epidemic or pandemic disease such as Covid-19 after purchasing their policy and can no longer travel, as well as during their journey and have to amend/delay travel. Cover for medical claims directly related to an epidemic or pandemic such as Covid-19 will only apply for travelers who contract the disease after they commence their journey.

Remember, it is always good for you to understand your travel insurance options and Allianz Partners have plenty of information to help you. You can access this information at or you can visit the New Zealand government web site at Travel advisories by destination | SafeTravel to help you plan for your next overseas trip.


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