Sustainable investing

Sustainability to us means more than protecting and maintaining our natural environment. It's about helping to address a range of social issues to support a thriving community, economy and sustainable environment.

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Video: sustainable investing through index management

Our Head of Investment Management, Aaron Klee, discusses sustainable investing through index management with BlackRock and MSCI, who we partner with to deliver our sustainable investment proposition.

Video: investment stewardship

AMP’s Aaron Klee, Head of Investment Management, is joined by BlackRock’s Iris Davila, Head of the Investment Stewardship Team in Australia, and Chantal Giles, Head of Wealth and Private Banks Australasia.

This discussion about investment stewardship focuses on engagement with companies and advocating for sound governance and sustainable business practices. It's what we call 'influencing change' in our Sustainable Investment Philosophy.

Video: Say YES to sustainable investing

When you join the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme, you're saying YES to sustainable investing and YES to healthy returns.