Renovation insurance

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When embarking on renovations there is a lot to think about, insurance being one of them. AMP has you covered with renovation insurance designed to cover the work and specifically meet your needs so you can rest easy knowing you're covered.

Renovation insurance cover can include:

Contract works

All permanent and temporary work being performed at the insured site.

Make sure you consider within your sum insured, the value of the completed works including temporary and permanent work, materials, wages, freight, customs duties and any works you want to include involving sub-contractors.

Professional fees

Ensure the professional fees includes all fees related to your renovation such as fees for architects, surveyors, consulting engineers, council and the like.

Increased costs during construction/reconstruction

Cover to reduce the risk of underinsurance by allowing for an increase in the construction costs during the construction or reconstruction period.

This is there to cover for increased reconstruction costs, beyond the original construction cost, following accidental loss. Make sure you consider any abnormal inflationary pressures at the time of your project and make adjustment for that also (such as higher than normal material, freight and/or labour costs). 

Principal supplied goods

This is what is supplied by the principal such as goods, materials, plant, equipment or other items supplied to the contractor free of charge for inclusion in the contract work.

This is a summary only. See the policy document for the full list of terms, limits, conditions and exclusions for this cover.

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Important information

AMP site cover insurance is issued and underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited. The above is only a summary of some of the cover provided and is for information purposes only. It is important to note that limits, excesses, terms and conditions and exclusions apply to the cover outlined. Please refer to the policy document for details of the cover. The provision of cover is subject to the underwriting criteria that apply at the time.

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