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AMP Investment Trust

A convenient and diverse range of investment options to help bring your goals to life.

Want an effective portfolio but don’t want to be involved in the day-to-day research, decision-making or administration tasks? You’ve come to the right place.

AMP Investment Trust (AIT) offers you the flexibility to decide when you want to withdraw and what funds you want to invest in, so it’s great if you’re saving for a specific goal like property or travel, or you want to have an emergency fund tucked away for a rainy day.

With AIT you'll get:
  • A convenient way of creating and maintaining a diversified investment portfolio with access to a wide range of investments
  • A customised strategy developed under the guidance of a professional adviser
  • Regular reviews of your investment portfolio to meet your changing needs
  • Quarterly or six-monthly reports, annual tax statements and access to quarterly fund updates
  • Peace of mind knowing that your investment is being looked after by proven Fund Managers


How to join AIT

Call us or speak to your adviser

Making contributions to your investment

Your investment in AMP Investment Trust is designed to be easy and flexible for you to manage. While minimum investment amounts do apply, you can invest lump sums and/or make regular investments through direct debits.

Make a regular contribution

Once you have made your initial lump sum investment, it’s easy to make regular payments by direct debit. To set up a direct debit, complete a direct debit authority form, which is available from your Adviser, and then simply choose weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly or quarterly payments. Each payment should be at least $50*. Lesser amounts are possible at our discretion.

Make a lump sum contribution

You can make lump sum payments as often as you like. The initial investment must be at least $1,000* for each fund. Each additional lump sum payments must be a minimum of $250*. You can make lump sum payments by internet banking or direct credit. You need to complete the Additional Contributions form and give the completed form to your Adviser or send it to us.

Yearly increase facility

You can choose to use the yearly increase facility, which means your direct debit amount increases each year by either a percentage specified by you (minimum 5%), or the annual inflation rate (official Consumer Price Index calculated by Statistics New Zealand).

We’ll increase your payments on the anniversary of your initial investment. You will receive five weeks’ notice of the increase and have the option to decline it.

* Advisers may apply higher minimums than shown above to their services. You can obtain further information about these from your Adviser.

Withdrawals and changes

You can request a withdrawal anytime you like and you can set up a regular or one-off withdrawal at any time. The minimum lump sum amount you can withdraw from your investment is $500. Regular withdrawals of a minimum of $100 can be made monthly or quarterly. The minimum amount remaining in any fund after a withdrawal is $1,000. No fees are payable for withdrawals. When making a withdrawal, you’ll need to ensure your fund balance and the Cash Management Account (CMA) don’t fall below the minimums.

Your investment in any of the funds is flexible. You can invest additional amounts, change the amount and frequency of any regular investments or suspend them for a specified period of time. Switches between funds can also be made. There may also be times when we need to make changes to the funds and we will advise you of any such change.