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Comprehensive car insurance

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Key benefits of comprehensive car insurance

Lifetime repairs guarantee

If you are involved in an accident, the work of our approved repairers is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

Help after an event

If you are in an accident and your car is not safe to drive, we will help with costs to get you home safely as well as the towing and storage of your car.

Locks and keys

Up to $1,000 cover towards the replacement and recoding of locks in your car if your keys are lost or stolen.

Hire car after theft

Automatically included as part of your insurance cover, we'll reimburse you the reasonable costs of hiring a car for up to 14 days to help you get around while your claim is settled on the insured car.

Emergency travel, accommodation, and repairs

If you’re more than 100km from home and your car has been stolen or damaged, we will cover the reasonable cost of emergency repairs, travel and accommodation.

What our comprehensive car insurance policy includes

Our comprehensive car insurance provides cover for accidents, theft, fire, vandalism and storm damage. Additionally, you'll be covered for damage to someone else’s vehicle or property caused by your car.

Damage to your own vehicle

Cover for accidental loss or damage to your motor vehicle, up to the amount covered in your policy.

Excess-free windscreen and glass cover

Provided you are not claiming for any other damage, we cover accidental damage to your car windscreen or window glass, and you won't have to pay an excess.

Note - repair is included in comprehensive car insurance, replacement is an optional extra benefit.

Damage by uninsured drivers

If your car is damaged by a driver who is uninsured, your repairs will be covered, subject to limits in your policy.

Lifetime guarantee for approved repairs

The work of approved repairers, quality of materials and workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

New for old car replacement (less than 1 year old)

If you purchased your car as new in New Zealand and it suffers loss or damage within one year of the original registration which is accepted as a total loss, you will be able to have it replaced with a new car of the same make and model, if available, or a similar one.

Replacement car cover (up to $150,000)

If you replace your car with another car and let us know within 14 days of getting the replacement, you can usually insure the replacement under the same policy. Additional premium may be payable.

Locks and keys (up to $1,000)

If your car keys are stolen, you’ll have cover for replacement and the cost of recoding the locks in your car.

Towing and storage costs

Reasonable costs to tow and store your car if it is damaged and it is not roadworthy or safe to drive, or it needs to be held in storage.

Legal Liability (up to $20,000,000)

Cover for you or anyone you authorise to drive your car for legal liability for loss or damage caused by your car to another person’s car or property.

Damage by fire and theft

Cover if your car is stolen or damaged by fire – up to a maximum of: Everyday Plus – the amount covered in your policy schedule. Third Party Fire and Theft - the market value of the car or the amount covered in your policy schedule, whichever is less.

Transport to and from repairers

Reasonable transport costs for you to get back home after you drop your car at a mechanic and then back again to collect it when it’s fixed.

Emergency travel, accommodation, and repairs

If your car has been stolen or damaged, you’ll have cover for the reasonable costs for emergency repairs, travel, and accommodation costs if you’re more than 100km from home (up to $500).

Trailer cover (up to $1,000)

Up to $1,000 to repair or replace your trailer if it is damaged or stolen in an insured event while attached to your car.

Hire car after theft (up to 14 days)

Reasonable costs of hiring a car for up to 14 days to help you get around while your claim is settled.

Optional extra benefits

Roadside assistance

Unlimited call outs for breakdowns, if you run out of fuel, need tyre changes, have a flat or faulty battery, or you’ve lost or locked in your keys. You’re also covered for afterhours recovery, overnight storage and towing your car to a repairer. You may have to pay for some materials or services.

Hire car after an event

A hire car for up to 14 days if your car can’t be safely driven or is being repaired. If your car’s been stolen, this optional cover adds another 14 days to the 14 days you get with the 'Hire car after theft' benefit.

This is a summary only. See the policy document for the full list of benefits, terms and conditions for this cover.
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Insurance (excluding travel) is underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Ltd. This information is only intended as a guide. Policy limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions.