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Get protection for your livelihood.

To get a tailored insurance policy for your farm, get in contact with an AMP Adviser today.

AMP has a solution for all your farm insurance needs from your farm assets, personal assets, milk, liabilities, income and more.

AMP’s Farm Plan policy is designed for the unique and varied insurance needs of farmers. After 160 years of working with New Zealand’s farming community, we know that you want insurance that’s dependable, yet flexible enough to meet the challenging demands of farming today.

Each section of our policy has extensive automatic benefits as well as optional benefits that can be tailored to your farming needs, whatever you’re farming and on any scale.

This might suit you if…

  • you own or run a commercial farm and want comprehensive rural insurance with a trusted insurer
  • you want expert advice from an experienced rural Adviser to tailor-make insurances to suit your farming needs

Here’s what you get:

  • An insurance policy that provides cover for all aspects of your farm
  • Cover for your farm assets, as well as your home, contents, car and boat and offers insurance add-ons for your specific situation.

Insuring your farm assets

With AMP’s Farm Plan you can make sure your farm assets are protected. These can include farm buildings, machinery, plant and tools, animal feed (excluding growing crops), general stores such as fertilisers, grain and produce, milk, refrigerated goods and wool.

Some farm assets are automatically covered and others are optional so you can tailor your insurance to suit your needs.

For more detailed information download our Farm Plan brochure.


Liability cover for your needs

Farm Plan provides you with farmer’s liability insurance. This means you might be covered for legal defence costs if anyone is injured or property is damaged, due to your farming operations. Cover includes these key legal liabilities for farmers:

  • accidental death or injury to an animal or bird, that doesn’t belong to you, from poisoning
  • damage to premises, vehicles or other property that you don’t own or rent, including livestock
  • land and water contamination

Expert medical advice for you and your family

With Best Doctors, our rural customers get access to leading local and global specialists at no additional cost.  Best Doctors provides easy access to leading GP’s, specialists and mental health clinicians via telehealth helping with diagnosis, treatment and information when facing a medical uncertainty, all from the comfort of your own home.  Best Doctors is included with the policy for all rural customers.

Key services are:

  • GP Consult: Discuss general medical questions with a New Zealand GP via phone or email within 24 hours
  • Mental Health Navigator: Connect with New Zealand registered experts to review your mental health, and receive ongoing support from a mental health nurse
  • Expert Medical Second Opinion: Access an in-depth second opinion on any physical condition by leading global experts

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How much does it cost?

How much you pay depends on:
- the Sum Insured you select
- the insurance options you have selected

Find out how to get an quote - enquire now.

Ways to save money

By taking three or more sections of our Farm Plan policy you automatically qualify for a package discount.

You can also choose higher excesses to lower your premiums as well as be rewarded with no claim discounts depending on your claim history.

Get cover for your livestock, farm dogs and horses

With Farm Plan you can tailor your cover for the animals you own. There are options for pedigree animals, veterinary fees, theft, escape and many more.

Your rural Adviser will be able to help you work out the best options for you.

Get specific cover with milk insurance

Farm Plan has made protecting milk easy with a choice of milk packages that cover nearly anything that can happen to your milk. Options are available for risks such as:

- contamination
- deterioration, including forgetting to turn the vat on
- milk penalties
- failure to collect
- accidental damage to milk, and
- additional costs

If you need comprehensive milk insurance for your farm talk to one of our rural Advisers and they’ll sort out the best option for you.

Cover in case your farming operations are interrupted

We can cover you if your farm buildings or other farm assets are damaged and this interrupts your farming operations. You can get farming operations interruption insurance to best suit your needs. This includes cover for:

Additional costs - covers you for additional costs up to $20,000 for a maximum of six months, to enable your farming operations to keep going as normal.

Gross profit - cover for your loss of gross profit and we’ll also work with you to minimise loss, such as assisting with funding for movement of stock to get them milked somewhere else.

Loss of income - cover for your loss of farm income if damage to a public utility or to property of your supplier or customer affects your farming operations.

Cover for your home, contents, vehicle and boat

Home insurance
When you’re insured with Farm Plan if your home is damaged or destroyed by an accidental event (which is covered by your policy) we’ll pay for the costs to fully repair or rebuild your home up to the limit of the Sum Insured that you specify.
What’s more, if you’re eligible for SumExtra your home insurance goes further.

Contents insurance
Farm Plan provides cover for your personal belongings giving the option of additional cover for when items are taken away from home.

Motor vehicle insurance
Farm Plan provides cover for both your farm and private use vehicles. You can insure your vehicles comprehensively or, for a reduced premium, you may choose Third Party or Third Party Fire and Theft cover.

Boat insurance
Farm Plan boat cover provides for repair or replacement of your boat, up to the Sum Insured you nominate.

Other options as part of Farm Plan

Personal income insurance
Farm Plan can cover you for loss of earnings if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness. If you’ve chosen injury cover, a wide range of lump sum benefits are also payable.
Cover if your machinery breaks down
With Farm Plan, farm machinery is covered for full replacement value if it’s less than five years old.
Benefits include:
- costs to hire a replacement machine and ordinary freight costs
- labour overtime costs to expedite repairs and express freight costs are covered

Documents and downloads

For new business taken out from 01 July 2019 and policies renewed from 01 July 2019
Farm Plan - Earthquake Commission Addendum (PDF)
Important information

The above summarises some of the cover provided by AMP’s Farm Plan policy. It is important to note that limits, excesses, terms, conditions and exclusions apply to the cover outlines. Please refer to the policy wording for details of cover.

The provision of cover under the AMP Farm Plan policy is subject to the underwriting criteria that apply at the time.

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