About AMP

Here at AMP, we’re committed to providing a little help so Kiwis can get started, get where they want to go, and enjoy the retirement they want.

Our history

AMP is one of New Zealand’s most enduring companies, with continuous operations under the same brand for more than 160 years.

Our leadership team

The team that runs the general operations and financial business of AMP, based right here in New Zealand.

Our contribution to the community

Find out about our key community partnerships and more ways we’re helping our clients, employees and communities to live meaningful lives.

Sustainability at AMP

Sustainability to us means more than protecting and maintaining our natural environment. It's also about helping to address a range of social issues to support a thriving community, economy and sustainable environment. Read more

Investing with AMP

Learn more about out our investment approach, how we make a positive difference, and ways we provide more choice and help. Find out more