About AMP

Here at AMP, we’re committed to providing a little help so Kiwis can get started, get where they want to go, and enjoy the retirement they want.

AMP is one of New Zealand’s most enduring companies, with continuous operations under the same brand for more than 160 years.

AMP started in the mid-1800s, a time when people in New Zealand and Australia were at high risk of injury and disease. Times were tough, with many working in dangerous jobs. There was no social welfare or pension and if a main wage earner was injured, died, or simply grew too old to work, it could be extremely hard for their families. A small group of concerned community leaders recognised this and looked for a good way to provide financial security for people. They established the Australian Mutual Provident Society (AMP), and AMP was born.

We began our proud history of providing life insurance policies in New Zealand in 1854. The population was less than 100,000 and the New Zealand Parliament sat in its present form for the first time. Our customers were mainly miners and farmers and AMP was a part of their communities, ready and willing to lend a hand when it was needed. We continue to hold this strong community-focused ethos.

AMP has grown into a highly efficient large-scale organisation. In 2011, AMP joined forces with AXA Asia Pacific Holdings – a company founded on very similar principles to AMP with both companies sharing a passion for quality financial advice and for the way good advice can help change people’s lives for the better. In 2020, AMP sold its life insurance business (AMP Life) to Resolution Life. AMP Wealth Management is now a specialist KiwiSaver and general insurance provider, helping Kiwis to achieve a great retirement.

Timeline highlights

- The Australian Mutual Provident Society opens for business.

1860 - Benjamin Short joins AMP as its first agent.

1876 - The first Wellington AMP centre was built.

1910 - AMP steps up during WWI and is the first company to provide assurance to soldiers.

1960 - AMP opens its Auckland office.

1998 - AMP lists on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges.

1998 - AMP acquires British funds management group Henderson.

1998 - AMP Scholarships started to help Kiwis achieve their dreams.

1999 - AMP buys the general insurance company GIO Australia and UK mutual life insurer National Provident Institution (NPI).

1999 - AMP launches AMP Banking.

2000 - AMP acquires Towry Law – a predominantly UK-based independent financial advice (IFA) company.

2001 - AMP establishes a joint venture with Sanmar Insurance in India.

2003 - UK life insurance and investment operations are split off in order to concentrate on AMP's traditional markets of New Zealand and Australia.

2003 - AMP sells AMP Banking in New Zealand to HSBC.

2004 - AMP moves its head office from Wellington to Auckland, New Zealand's fastest growing market.

2007 - AMP acquires Roost Mortgage Brokers, a national mortgage broking network.

2011 - AMP and AXA Asia Pacific join forces to create a competitive new force in financial services.

2016 - AMP integrates its Spicers and AdviceFirst businesses to provide specialist financial services through a nationwide network of advice experts.

2020 - AMP sells the sale of Australian and New Zealand wealth protection and mature businesses to Resolution Life Group Holdings.

2020 - AMP Wealth Management becomes a carbon neutral business, backed by its Toitu carbonzero certification.

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